May 17, 2024

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Resign now or be sacked, Abia PDP has died in your hands, group tells Asiforo

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Resign now or be sacked, Abia PDP has died in your hands, group tells Asiforo
By Steve Oko
Piqued by the lackluster outing of the Peoples Democratic Party in Abia State at the 2023 general polls, and the party’s current state of affairs, a PDP-pro group, has demanded the immediate resignation or sack of the State Chairman, Rt. Hon. Asiforo Okere.
The pro-group known as Abia PDP Redemption Movement blamed Okere for the woeful performance of the Big Umbrella, insisting that he must step down.
The group which claimed to be “a network of all PDP volunteer organizations in Abia”, said its mission was to restore the electoral fortunes of the party and recover Abia for PDP in 2027.
It expressed disappointment over the current state of PDP in Abia, and vowed that Okere must go to save the party from total extinction.
This was contained in a statement jointly signed by the group’s Chairman, Hon. Emmanuel Kelechi; Secretary, Ignatius Ahanekwu; Abia North representative, Kalu Ike Ukah; Daniel Nwokocha, and Nma Okezie for Abia Central, and Abia South respectively.
According to the group, PDP the mass defection that has hit PDP since after the loss of 2023 polls, is unprecedented since the history of the party.
The group also blamed Okere for not stopping the seizure of the party’s State Secretariat, and for doing nothing to facilitate the swearing in of PDP candidate declared winner of his state constituency by the court.
The statement made available to Wawa News Global read in part:”It is no longer news that PDP has lost Power in Abia State they held since 1999. It is no tonger news that the 2023 elections organized by Hon. Allwell Asiforo is the worst since inception of PDP starting from the primaries to general elections.
“It is no longer news that an elected member of Abia State House of Assembly, Hon. Arron Uzodike has not been sworn in and the party has not done any practical thing other than weightless press conferences.
“It is no longer news that Abia PDP has no Secretariat. It is no longer news that Abia PDP has recorded more defections than any other party in the history of party Politics in Nigeria.
“It is no longer news that Abia PDP has no leader and the party is in disarray. It is no longer news that Abia PDP is living on a shadow of itself.
“Therefore, having seen all these anomalies and determined to ensure that Abia PDP doesn’t die untimely, we support the call for the sack and removal of Hon. Allwell Asiforo, as the Chairman.
“This is as a result of the Chairman’s incompetence; highhandedness, self-centeredness, grandstanding and lack of team spirit.
“In addition his face has brought an unprecedented woes to Abia PDP and Asiforo has to go”
It, therefore, called on the national leadership of the PDP to remove Asiforo without further delay in line with the party’s constitution.
“Consequently, we call on BOT of the party, NWC of the party and SWC of the party, to rise to the occasion and sack Allwell Asiforo as enshrined in the PDP Constitution.”
The group, however,  appealed to PDP members not to despair but renew their confidence in the party, claiming that ” help is on the way”.
Responding, Okere simply dismissed the group as “faceless”.
Similarly, the  Publicity Secretary of the party, Elder Abraham Amah, also described the group as faceless, arguing that it is not proper to blame the Chairman for the misfortunes of the party when he actually delivered the party’s candidates in his polling unit and ward.
Amah challenged the group and other stakeholders of the party to produce evidence that they also delivered PDP in their respective polling units and wards.
” In every organization including political parties, it takes collective responsibility to succeed. Unfortunately, PDP has only one candidate in the House of Representatives but that candidate is from the immediate constituency of our Chairman. The PDP candidate also won clearly in his booth and ward. PDP did not lose election in the Chairman’s ward.”
Concerning the allegation of high-handedness, the party’s Spokesman said such issue could only be raised by the State Working Committee, adding that “such has never been raised against him by the SWC”.
He further said that those defecting to other parties were being driven by hunger and personal interests, dismissing the development as a norm among Nigeria politicians.
” The issue of mass defection has been a tradition of Nigeria politicians for years, and many of those defecting are driven by hunger. Some of them are those who want to protect their business interest”.
He further said :”They are not persons even the parties they are joining can trust because any slightest thing they will move to another party”.
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