April 12, 2024

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Avoid going to war with Niger because of US, French interests, Rep Aguocha tells Tinubu

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Avoid going to war with Niger because of US, French interests, Rep Aguocha tells Tinubu
By Chidi Onyede
President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has been admonished against declaring war against Nigeria’s peaceful neighbour because of Western interests.
Hon. Obi Aguocha
The Labour Party lawmaker bluntly told Tinubu to refrain from invading a brother Africa country just in a quest to please US and France.
 According to the lawmaker, any military confrontation with Niger Republic will have far reaching implications.
Rep. Aguocha told Tinubu not to rush into war with Niger Republic in his bid to please the United States of America and France, as doing so could earn Nigeria the wrath of Russia.
The lawmaker in a statement he personally issued on Friday, urged President Tinubu to jettison any war option as doing so would be putting Nigeria into unnecessary risks
The statement made available to Wawa News Global read:”We are on the verge of being played by the US and France into going to war in defense of their interests and risking confrontation with Russia and the Wagner Group!
“May our Government not turn out to be either incompetent or vainglorious or both. Now is the time to speak out. May our Government be properly guided. “
The lawmaker also argued that Nigeria cutting off power supply to Niger Republic was tantamount to breaching trade agreement she earlier entered into with her Francophone neighbour.
“Those whom the gods want to destroy, they first make vain and mad!
“We are intending to violate treaty obligations to supply power to Niger Republic (in return for their not damming the River Niger upstream of Kainji and Jebba) in aid of inchoate foreign policy goals and objectives.
“We are very broke, and can barely fund our debts to cushion the poor from severe economic hardship; the unemployed, and most especially the military to deal with multifaceted insurgence  and domestic threats, yet we are roaring to go to war against the regime in Niamey.”
Rep Aguocha insisted that there were other better ways of resolving the political crises in Niger without resorting to war.
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