July 15, 2024

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Why zoning ‘ll protect minority parties – Rep member-elect, Ogah

Amobi Ogah

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Why zoning ‘ll protect minority parties – Rep member-elect, Ogah

By Oliver Udeogu

As the inauguration of the 10th Assembly draws near, an elected House Of Representatives Member on the platform of the Labour Party, Chief Amobi Godwin Ogah, has called on the rulling All Progressives Congress (APC) to zone the principal offices of the House in a way that would represent all shades of opinions and interest in the Country.

Amobi is the younger brother of the immediate-past Minister of State for Solid Minerals and Steel Development, Dr Uche Ogah.

Uche Ogah

The Member-elect who represents the Isuikwuato/Umunneochi Federal Constituency in Abia State, lent his call stating that the National Assembly should not be seen as a political party enclave or extension but rather, as a Nigerian entity with interest of the people at heart.

Further buttressing his point, Ogah stated that the number of new lawmakers in the 10th Assembly, is one high as such should not be neglected by the rulling party at the centre, in any form or manner, based on the fact that they have the majority.

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Speaking on his expectations for the 10th Assembly, Ogah noted thus “well, without being told you know very well that the forth coming 10th Assembly of the Federal Parliament, will be a unique one considering the number of new members, spanning across the various Political Parties in the Country.
Out of a total number of 360 members, we have about 292 members, who are first time Parliamentarians. These are young vibrant men and women, who believe the 10th Assembly will not be a rubber stamp Assembly. Therefore, we are of the expectation of having a robust leadership that is generally acceptable to all, and one that will carry all members along. Such desired leadership of ours, is one that would take Nigerian to the next level”.

When asked to comment on the number of Lawmakers jostling for positions and its implications on the forth coming Assembly, the Member_elect posited on the need for zoning, which has always been his position.
“Nigeria is a very unique Country such if you don’t zone political offices, you have then failed to protect the minority. In as much as I am elected on the platform of the Labour Party, I still believe the rulling Party APC, owes it as a duty of necessity, by zoning principal offices of the House accordingly, in order to protect the interest of the minority, particularly my zone the South East. If they say let everyone contest and whoever wins take all, in the end the South East might end up getting nothing. But when these positions are zoned, then the minority can have something on the table.
We need unity at this point and must work together to achieve that, as the only way to present a united leadership, irrespective of our party linens”.
” There are members of the APC, LP, PDP, NNPP, APGA and other political parties in the forth coming Assembly. So by zoning these offices, the interest of every party will be well represented”.

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Ogah further stated that when for instance the Speakership position is zoned to a particular area, the Deputy goes to another area while noting these positions are not the only Principal Offices in the Parliament.
“There are other offices and in the same way the zoning reflects accordingly, for unity and
Progress in the House leadership”.

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