July 15, 2024

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Leadership and legacies: The Abia Speaker’s example

Rt Hon. Chinedum Orji, Speaker, Abia H'Assembly

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Leadership and legacies: The Abia Speaker’s example
By Ifeanyi Umere
Life is all about impacts just as leadership is all about legacies. At any level of leadership, a leader should focus on leaving behind legendary footprints for posterity to appreciate.
There is, therefore, no gainsaying the fact the the incumbent Speaker of the Abia State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Chinedum Orji (Ikuku Abia), has posted a few incontrovertible legacies for which he will be remembered for good. Interestingly, these legacies are outside his primary functions as a lawmaker.
Rt Hon. Chinedum Orji, Speaker, Abia H’Assembly
One of his visible legacies which even the blind can attest to is the free Umuahia Urban water project that has made residents of the state capital enjoy free potable water for some years now. The import and necessity of water to life itself can never be overemphasized. But regrettably, the Umuahia Urban water scheme has been moribund for decades resulting into dry taps around the City.
Water project by Chinedum Orji behind St. Stephen’s Anglican church Umuahia

Not satisfied with this, and eager to change the narrative at least in his own little way, the Speaker took it upon himself to sink water boreholes at strategic streets around the capital city.
Orji giving out empowerment tools
This gesture which began about four years ago has provided free water to many residents of Umuahia metropolis. Residents without water in their compounds only need to walk to their neighbourhood where ‘Ikuku’s water is running and fetch to their fill.
Senator Theodore Orji dolling out empowerment items to constituents
Another lasting legacy of the Abia Speaker is the building of mini stadiums in select schools and communities in Umuahia to help promote sporting activities.
Mini stadium at St Stephen’s Primary School Umuahia
Today, a number of such facilities can be sighted around the state capital, and this has reduced the pressure on Umuahia Township Stadium as youths talented in different sports now make use of the mini stadiums for their training.
Similarly, a number of schools both public and missionary, have benefited from the on-going school rehabilitation programme of the Abia Speaker. He has erected new structures in the affected schools as part of his contribution to their development.
Senator Orji and beneficiaries of his empowerment tools
A visit to schools around Umuahia metropolis will convince the nay sayers that Ikuku Abia has truly made some indelible imprints in the education sector because of his belief in the axiom that education remains the bedrock of every society.
Youth employment is another area where Rt. Hon. Chinedum Orji has distinguished himself. His imprints in this area dates back to the days of his father, Senator Theodore Orji as Abia Governor where he played a key role to the massive and unprecedented youth empowerment programmes that characterised that era.
In those days, Abia youths in virtually all the communities received free cars as empowerment tool. Some got tricycle and others got other empowerment tools. A number of youths who were prudent enough with their own tools have today exited the poverty circle courtesy of Ikuku Abia’s benevolence.
As Speaker of the Abia State House of Assembly, the Assembly complex for the first time began to wear a befitting look. Visitors to the complex are not in doubt that under Hon. Orji as Speaker, Abia House of Assembly became a facility one can be proud of. This is no small legacy for those who understand.
Yes, Ikuku as he is fondly called, may not be an angel, nor is he expected to be, but there is no gainsaying the fact that history may not forget him in a hurry in the areas he has made some appreciable impacts.
He must have learnt the culture of legacy projects from his father, Senator Orji, who himself is reputed as ‘ the Legacy Governor’. Some of the identifiable key projects that make Umuahia have the semblance of a state capital can be traced to his father.
The International Conference Centre Umuahia; Twin-tower  Civil Servants secretariat Umuahia; Abia Diagnostic Center in partnership with Mecure; upgrading of Amachara General Hospital; new court buildings, among others, are part of the father’s legacies as Abia Governor.
Perhaps, the most outstanding legacy of his father, Senator Orji ( Ochendo Global), is his voluntary decision not to seek re-election after his two tenures at the red chamber. Such a sacrifice is rare among politicians who rather prefer to perpetuate themselves in power instead of giving up power.
This is why the decision of Senator Orji to honourably bow out, a decision he has kept, is quite appreciated by the people. Abia will always remember the Orjis for their various legacies that have helped to affect lives of the people.
Although Hon. Orji’s aspiration for a higher platform for greater impacts at this time did not materialize just as it’s common in every human endeavour, it does not in any way call for gloating over the Orji dynasty as some folks already seem to be doing. That a particular aspiration is not met today does not in any way foreclose its actualisation tomorrow as long as it’s in line with God’s will and purpose.
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