December 7, 2023

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Who’s afraid of Greg Ibe?

Greg Ibe

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Who’s afraid of Greg Ibe?

By Ugochukwu Asiegbu

Politics of bitterness and acrimony is a clear reflection of desperation, and those who play such politics could be seen in Abia, unfortunately. Of course, liars have their rightful place in hell. I was saddened by the utterances of some supporters of desperate politicians, who had condescended so low to the extent of referring to a healthy man like Prof. Greg Ibe as being sick. It really sickened my heart. But that was the handiwork of unreasonable and unscrupulous elements that parade themselves every now and then as supporters of self-centered politicians. Shamelessly, they displayed their wicked acts against Prof. Greg Ibe, just to make him look little in the eye of the public. But they failed to consider the fact that there is nothing hidden under the sun, and that all lies against Prof. Greg Ibe will definitely die on their lips someday, their evil intentions nipped in the bud.

Sadly, the fools in Aba had concocted lies against Prof. Greg Ibe, but now, they are hiding their faces in shame. First, they had fabricated a story that Prof. Greg Ibe’s sugar level had increased resulting to amputation. The false information, however, was disseminated, and it really spread like wildfire. Not satisfied yet, they came up with another lie that Prof. Greg Ibe was down with stroke, his hand and leg paralysed. The rumour mongers did a bad job by spreading falsehood, and the name of an innocent man was dragged through the mud, his image tarnished. The rumour of his ill health had really made the rounds in Aba, and was celebrated by mockers and enemies of a New Abia, who had wanted Prof. Greg Ibe down and out of the governorship race by all means, humanly possible.

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But, fortunately, Prof. Greg Ibe had a successful outing yesterday in Abia North. It was a campaign rally, and the people were highly excited to see their incoming governor in high spirit. It is now evident that the stories of Prof. Greg Ibe’s ill health were manufactured by jobless fools and miscreants, whose work is to decimate and/ or besmirch Prof. Greg Ibe’s reputation. In all fairness, Prof. Greg Ibe, the APGA Gubernatorial Candidate in Abia didn’t deserve such inhumane treatment.

The day before, Prof Greg attended a rally held in the northern part of Abia, and his performance in the rally has proved beyond every reasonable doubt that he is hale and hearty. No paralysis. No amputation. And that, in fact, has brought shame to the doorsteps of those pathological liars, whose imbecilic nature would continue to lead them to shame, and their mischievous acts exposed as the days go by. Now, God has debunked the rumour of Prof. Greg Ibe’s ill health by Himself, and at the appropriate time.


And because I know they are determined to achieve their goal, they will surely sit back in their secret places to manufacture more lies against Prof. Greg Ibe. But God, whose grace is upon Prof. Greg Ibe’s life, will continue to expose them, and they will be disgraced one after the other. Today, Prof. Greg Ibe will be present in another rally, and Umuahia will be shut down completely as a result of the rally. Truth is, the big masquerade has taken centre stage and, normally, the inconsequential masquerades are expected to go into hiding. Of course, other gubernatorial candidates are now shivering. And I promise Ndi Aba that Thursday will be their day, as Prof. Greg Ibe will be present in Enyimba City for a mega rally.

Indeed, Prof. Greg Ibe is the people’s choice, and it is high time Abians joined forces together to put a stop to mediocrity, and sacrifice sentiments on the altar of competence. The dice is cast, and the stage is set. With the mandate of Abians, Prof. Greg Ibe will move into Government House, Umuahia, after his swearing-in on May 29, 2023. Let Abians make this dream a reality.

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Meanwhile, the propagandists, liars and rumour mongers in Aba, who are against Prof. Greg Ibe, should cover their faces in shame, and should retrace their steps, for Prof. Greg Ibe has come to build Abia, and not to destroy it.

Ugochukwu Asiegbu, wrote in from Aba.

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