March 23, 2023

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Anyone who has issues with EFCC unfit to represent Abia North – Ijere

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Anyone who has issues with EFCC unfit to represent Abia North – Ijere
By Steve Oko
A concerned constituent, Chief Odo Ijere (Okpotemba), has cautioned the people of Abia North senatorial zone against electing someone with unresolved issues with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), into the Senate.
Ijere in a statement asserted that anyone with financial misconduct or burden of embezzlement of public funds should not be given the mandate of the zone as such would be a distraction for the person to function effectively.
He also warned against voting for anyone who does not champion the cause of the zone but dissipates energy on issues that has no bearing on Abia North.
Ijere further cautioned Abia North voters to be ware of “he that now at election season, comes back flashing crumbs and all sorts of orishirishi projects to scam the gullible poor citizens further”.
He regretted that “most of these projects have been timed to stop once after the election on Saturday.”
Ijere noted that a particular candidate “has spent nearly 40 years on top of Abia politics and everything is wrong with Abia politics.”
Advising the candidate to quit the race honourably than be humiliated on Saturday, Ijere declared that “anybody but…can go for us in Abia North.”
He further insisted that anyone who opposed the electronic transmission of election results during the debate on the new Electoral Act, should not be rewarded with the Senate seat.
Ijere who regretted that Abia North had been almost voiceless for a while at the red chamber, said time had come to restore the voice of Abia North.
He argued that those who abandoned the zone while bandits held sway should not come now to look for the people’s vote.
Ijere wondered why somebody from a predominantly Christian constituency would be promoting Muslim/Muslim ticket only to come around and ask for Christian votes.
He charged voters in Abia North not to allow a repeat of the great error that had taken the zone many years backwards.
According to him, it makes no sense to bench ones first eleven only to field deficient players.
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