November 30, 2023

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Abia North: High hope for Ohuabunwa as Ohafia youths, workers, Hausa community pledge support 

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Abia North: High hope for Ohuabunwa as Ohafia youths, workers, Hausa community pledge support

By Steve Oko
The senatorial bid of Senator Mao Ohuabunwa, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, senatorial candidate for Abia North, received a major boost Tuesday as Ohafia youths, Council workers and even Hausa community and non indigenes at the 14 Brigade Mammy Market, pledged their unflinching support for him.
Wawa News Global reports that Senator Ohuabunwa was earlier on his arrival at the popular Old Soldier Junction, Ebem Ohafia ,accorded a rousing and heroic welcome by a mammoth crowd of youths who later escorted him to the community hall on motorcycle cade.
The people at the various communities and electoral wards where he visited pledged to expend every arsenal in their political armoury to ensure the former Senate Committee Chairman on Primary Health and Communicable Diseases, is returned to the Senate come February 25.
Conveying the unflinching support of Ohafia Council workers for Senator Ohuabunwa, former Chairman of the Nigeria Union of Local Government Employees, NULGE, Comrade Innocent Chukwu, said Abia North had learnt in a hard way, the ‘2019 mistake’, and would not allow its repeatation in future.
He described Ohuabunwa as an eloquent and sound Parliamentarian who had distinguished himself in lawmaking, and deserved a return to the Senate to restore the dignity of Abia North.
Comrade Chukwu assured him of the massive support of Ohafia Council workers who he said, were convinced that Ohuabunwa’s Parliamentary acumen stands out.
He, therefore, appealed to him to use his privileged position to better the lots of Council workers in the area who according to him, need divine help over their numerous challenges.
It was also a gale of adoption as the former Leader, ECOWAS Parliament visited other wards in the ancient kingdom as they gave him their assurances of total support.
Speaking at Amaekpu Ohafia Town Hall, where Ohuabunwa addressed community youths and various other groups, the strongman of Ohafia politics, Dr Onyema Agbai, assured Ohuabunwa of a total support of the entire Ohafia clan in the forthcoming poll.
He said that the ancient kingdom which has remained the deciding factor in Abia North elections, firmly stood behind Ohuabunwa, having realised he is the only one to fast-track the political recovery of Abia North.
Dr Agbai regretted that Abia North had suddenly been relegated to the background since 2019 when Ohuabunwa was schemed out but vowed to end the misrepresentation of the zone in February 25 by supporting his return bid.
Similarly, traders at the 14 Brigade Mammy Market also assured Ohuabunwa of their unflinching support to his return bid.
The traders who are mostly Northerners, openly brandished their Permanent Voter Cards, PVCs, shouting  ‘ Follow Better, Follow Better’ which is the slogan for which Ohuabunwa is known.
They assured of their support for Ohuabunwa who they said had never joked with their interest.
Addressing the people at various locations, Senator Ohuabunwa said he almost became angry after the 2019 robbery of his mandate but decided to throw himself to the fray again to restore the dignity of Abia North which had been badly thrown to the mud.
He regretted that the zone had become a laughing stock at the Senate due to the legislative ineptitude of his successor who he also accused of abandoning the cause of Abia North for personal gains.
Senator Ohuabunwa noted that a selfish person would never make a good Parliamentarian, saying that “once you are elected a lawmaker, your voice ceases to be yours but the people’s voice, hence what concerns the people becomes your priority”.
Ohuabunwa expressed utter shock that a lawmaker from a predominantly Christian constituency would be championing Muslim/Muslim ticket at the expense of the faith of the people on whose mandate he was privileged to be a legislator.
” I’m a Christian and I have no apologies. It’s my faith and I will not stop other people from professing their own faith but it will be an anomaly for somebody who 99% of his constituents are Christians to be promoting Muslim/Muslim ticket.
” In Nigeria, political offices have always been evenly shared between the two dominant religions in the country – Christianity and Islam. How can somebody from a predominantly Christian constituency be the one promoting Muslim/Muslim ticket?
” That means when we get to Aso Rock Villa there will be be only mosque and no chapel for Christians? It’s an error!”
Senator Ohuabunwa also expressed disappointment that a Senator from Abia North was the only National Assembly member who openly opposed the Electronic transmission of election results during the debate on the new Electoral Act, on the false grounds that there is no network coverage in the zone.
He said that such claim was a barefaced falsehood which he would retract and correct through a motion as soon as he returns to the Senate.
Ohuabunwa declared that all those who opposed electronic transmission of election results are the real enemies of democracy who gain power by rigging, and should not be rewarded with return ticket to the National Assembly on February 25.
He further regretted that Abia North had been abandoned by those who should be speaking for the zone in the face of festering insecurity devastating the district.
The former Leader, House of Representatives, wondered how a National Assembly member would be so busy promoting issues without bearing on his constituents but could not courageously move a motion on the floor of the House about the insecurity ravaging his constituents.
He regretted that a Prelate of a major denomination in Nigeria was kidnapped in Abia North but no lawmaker from the district cared to raise any motion regarding that on the floor of the National Assembly, yet somebody from the zone was “shamelessly promoting Muslim/ Muslim ticket and bragging that he brought Ruga”.
Ohuabunwa promised to leverage on his legislative privileges and contacts to frontally tackle insecurity in Abia North if voted back to the Senate.
He equally vowed to pursue the completion of the N5.2 billion Bende/Ohafia/ Arochukwu federal road which he attracted but was unfortunately abandoned when he lost his re-election bid in 2019.
Ohuabunwa who said that the project was supposed to be delivered in 2020, regretted that his successor for whatever reasons, could not follow up on that laudable and key project, instead he decided to deceive the uniformed constituents with “half kilometer China roads towards the election period”.
” Ask the man trying to deceive you with half kilometer China road now what he did for Abia North when he was Governor for eight years?”
Senator Ohuabunwa further said that nobody should look the way of the ruling All Progressive Congress, APC, in the forthcoming polls, saying the party has plunged Nigeria into unprecedented hardship and penury.
He lamented the biting effects of the twin economic problem of scarcity of the Naira and high cost of petrol.
The former Leader, ECOWAS Parliament, assured Nigerians that the economy would rebound and life become affordable again if APC were kicked out of power at the polls.
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