March 26, 2023

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OAU to PDP: Abia not your birthright

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OAU to PDP: Abia not your birthright
By Steve Oko
Governorship flag bearer of the Action Alliance, AA, Onyekwere Akym Uche, popularly known as OAU,  has told the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to stop taking Abia as  its birthright or inheritance.
The Economist and business guru who accused the PDP of ruining the state vowed to uproot the ruling party at re-set the state in the March 11 governorship poll.
OAU who was reacting to a boast by the PDP that “Abia is PDP and PDP is Abia”, told the ruling party to get ready for a crushing defeat in the forthcoming elections.
The AA governorship hopeful in a press statement by his Campaign Organization, accused the PDP of setting the state backwards since taking over the resigns of power in the God’s Own State.
According to the statement signed by Chioma Klaus,  Abia has nothing to show for the years PDP superintended over the affairs of the state.
OAU who said he was coming to begin a new Abia accused the PDP of supervising the collapse of Abia.
He challenged the ruling party to present its scorecards as it campaigns for re-election in the coming polls.
The statement made available to Wawa News Global read in part:”For a party that has turned Abia roads into the pothole capital of the South East, emasculated the local government for 15 years and counting,  moved the command and control center of governance to one community, abandoned our primary healthcare centers and public schools etc, hoping to be rewarded with another four years in power is the height of wishful thinking and heartlessness!
“We expected PDP and Okezie Victor Ikpeazu to dwell on the so-called achievements of his party in the last 8 years as they campaign for votes. That should be the easiest way to campaign for a party confident in its scorecard.
“Instead, they are trying to hoodwink and blackmail Abian’s to reinforce failure by presenting PDP as the perpetual heir to the Abia Government House irrespective of their abysmal performance in power so far.”
The US – based Economist who promised to use his international contacts to attract foreign investors into the state, said that merit and competence would decide the forthcoming polls.
He said Abians had woken from their sleep, and would never again reward failure.
“Unfortunately for PDP and its governorship candidate, Ndi Abia are now wiser; the scale of sentimental politics has fallen off their eyes.
“This is why every road is now leading to the AA where Onyekwere Akym Uche is presenting a very systematic blueprint to fix Abia State where the hands of every Abian’s will be on the deck of governance. This is the OAU New Abia Model.
“The OAU project of liberation is getting wide and massive support across all political divides and will culminate in victory for the people’s governor come march 11, 2023.”
OAU who hails from Isuikwuato, further argued that  it is the turn of “I” representing Isuikwuato Division in the Abia acronym to produce the next Governor according to the Abia Charter of Equity being the only bloc yet to take a shot at the seat of power.
He urged Abians to rise against imposition and support the on-going efforts to liberate the state.
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