June 9, 2023

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UKWA la NGWA : Matters Arising

Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu

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UKWA la NGWA : Matters Arising

By Dr Eme Okoro

I make the following comments openly hoping to attract the attention of Dr Max Nduaguibe and Rt. Hon. Achor Nwakanma, brother in law to our present Governor, one time DepGov of our dear Abia State and who is also currently a member of PDP Board of Trustees. Firstly, I am convinced that the SOURNESS growing between you two derives from your DESIRE to provide to the rest of us the Governor of Abia come 2023.Howbeit,from the Ngwa block of OUR State. I submit that you two and those backing you are simply striving very hard to heat up the polity because you are promoting the divisive politics of Ethnicity, Parochialism and Selfishness. My dear Max, you may have forgotten how you and I and others years ago dreamed about Abia with a new and better trajectory. We avoided the issues that could be better described as MUNDANE. Remember?

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Dr. Eme Okoro and some people from Abia North

However, neither you nor the Rt. Hon should seek comfort and glory in the myopic approach you are adopting to DECIDE the weighty issue of who becomes Abia Governor come 2023. Both of you are posturing as the key leaders of the Ukwa la Ngwa divide. It’s NOT tenable, acceptable and realizable for you two to DETERMINE who should replace Dr Okezie Victor Ikpeazu, who, by the way, is ALSO from the Ukwa la Ngwa divide of the so called old Aba Region. However, I dare say, I concede that you have the democratic right to think and posture as kingmakers. Believe me when I also state empathically that your posture is INSULTING AND DEBASING for you two to continue to canvas this false INSINUATION which replaces for the rest of us all the concepts of FAIRNESS, JUSTICE AND EQUITY. These were the TRIPOD on which the present Governor rode to power. Under TA ORJI as the Governor we the Elders of this same State DISCUSSED, CONSULTED AND CAUCUSSED. YOU on the other hand, two of you and your supporters, I mean have ARROGATED to YOURSELVES from the comfort of your lavish and expensive homes,the SOLE RIGHT TO IMPOSE YOUR CHOICE ON THE REST OF US ALL. “Unu oga emelikwa ya?”. You cannot even AGREE amongst yourselves on a ‘ consensus candidate ‘of Ukwa la Ngwa. Therein lie your dilemma and difficulties you have created. Finally, my dear partners in Abia project, the DECISION to back OVI to become our Governor of Abia was a COLLECTIVE PROCESS INVOLVING A MAJORITY of the cross section of NDI ABIA OF ALL SENATORIAL DISTRICTS of this State. It was predicated on EQUITABLE. FAIR.JUSTICIABLE and ACCEPTABLE ZONING TEMPLATE which neither you two nor I authored. To both of you therefore and to the rest of ABIA ELDERS WHO HAVE ELECTED TO BE SILENT OR ALOOF, may I humbly advise that a new better and peaceful Abia is a LEGACY we must bestow on those coming behind. Let’s I forget, dear Max, I DIDN’T SEE YOU WHEN THIS STUGGLE BEGAN. I didn’t see you in the trenches in any of the political battle fronts. For the Rt Hon. Achor may I humbly REMIND you for the umpteenth TIME that YOUR POSTURE, VIEWS AND ROLE AT THE BEGINNING OF THIS PROJECT ARE KNOWN. THEY ARE ETCHED IN MY MEMORY AND THAT OF MANY LIVING ELDERS OF OUR STATE. I WAS THERE AND I KNOW! May Abia see peace and progress and I so submit.

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Dr Eme Okoro, former Secretary to State Government, Abia

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