June 9, 2023

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Abia North deserves  better representation in senate

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Abia North deserves  better representation in senate

Hon. Toby Chuks Egeonu

No aspects of public life is scrutinized and debated upon as intensely as leadership/representation. It is crucial to the welfare of every society, the survival of political parties, and public affairs. “I can’t think of any better representative in politics than one who is unafraid to be himself, unwavering in his stand and undaunted in his resolution.” When I think of such a man, I think of he who has always been unshaken in purpose. When, I think of such a man, I think of he who remains determined to change things from an unchanging point of pivot. Naturally, elections into leadership/representation have often presented the people with periodic opportunities to retrieve and redeem their losses. Yes, “the oppressed are allowed once in every four years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them.” Be that as it may, in these assumed reparative periods, the landowners -the masses, the proliterates, the oppressed, the electorate, are presented with rare opportunities to make radical changes that ought to put them on the right perspective of things. Perhaps, the web of complex has predominantly caught up with their courage to redeem themselves. Though a few will come out and genuinely participate in electoral processes, majority have long given up and are less interested to participate. The few that participate either have their votes compromised and muscled up or have their consciences mortgaged, so the circle of inconsistencies thus continues. The year 2023 presents us another unique opportunity to right some (if not) all the wrongs of election outcomes in Nigeria. In an emerging democracy like ours, politicians come up with many fake promises – sometimes promising to build bridges even where there are no rivers. They take advantage of the naivety of the masses especially those in rural areas. Their utterances and actions made many lose confidence in the process, thinking that ‘votes’ does not and will never count. However, with the signing into law of the Electoral Act, there is hope in 2023.

As is well known, the fulcrum of nation building is undoubtedly the Legislature, of which the Nigerian Senate seats at the echelon. Election into the National Assembly is the most essential election in that it is bedrock of a virile society. The time has yet come again for Nigerians to carefully elect men and women of integrity into the National Assembly. At that, the Senate and the House of Representatives are not places for the dumb and fainthearted. These are Chambers and temples of legislations and serious business, where people-centric laws are made by people-friendly gentlemen and women of substance. I know a few in Abia who does not deserve a place in the National Assembly, having constantly goofed and made mockery of the people they represent. At least I know one man in Abia who should not only be rejected but be recalled from the present stollen mandate. I know one man who is desperate and unstable in party affiliation since 1998 – from UNCP to PDP to PPA to PDP to APC. I mean Orji Uzor Kalu whose self seeking idiosyncrasies has beclouded from seeing the difference between a ‘letter bomb’ and a ‘love letter’ and has thus refused to see the impending catastrophe in-wait for Nigeria due to his party’s impunity. I know an Orji Uzor Kalu who will be ready to sacrifice the entire Abia North for a porridge. I know an Orji Uzor Kalu who in his characteristic insensitivity has remained silent on the killings, kidnappings, banditry and herdsmen attacks on the people and commuters in Umunneochi -a part of his zone. I know an Orji Uzor Kalu who refused to apologise to Abia state for bringing RUGA rejected and sent packing by Imo state, instead, he counts it as an achievement. I know an Orji Uzor Kalu whose political Ideology is, “make sure your name is announced by hook or crook, then court will authenticate it.” I know an Orji Uzor Kalu who propagates Muslim/Muslim ticket in a country divided on religious line. I know an Orji Uzor Kalu who Abia North must help to return to the prison to serve out the remaining of his jail term than return to Senate to continue to serve the caliphate. Concerned Abias knows it also that such a man deserves condemnation and prosecution for crimes against humanity. One who hates his people from the time he ventured into politics and is still unapologetic about his many misdeeds does not deserve a single vote.

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We are wiser:
Abia North is not a place where deedless politicians feast on people’s incapacitation. As the electioneering campaign starts in September 28th, 2022,  I entreat Abia North people to be watchful of the deceptions of selfish politicians.

Ancient Mao is a relief:
One person stands out for many reasons in this election. He is not loud and cosmetic, yet he has achieved a lot for the people of Abia North from the time he went to House of Representatives to the one term he was in the Senate before Orji Uzor truncated his goodie-filled second term. His name is Senator Mao Ohuabunwa popularly known and addressed as Ancient Mao. In my last expository about the Hidden Achievements of this professional political juggernaut, I led an insight into the over forty-eight people he gave federal jobs and their miniseries. They are verifiable. I also gave an insight into the three hundred and forty-eight (348) wrongly disengaged staff of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike which he took up to the Senate Committee on Ethics, Privileges and Public Petition in 2018. In this writeup, let’s focus on the beneficiaries of his Skill Acquisition and Empowerment Project in partnership with SMEDAN for Abia North from 2015 – 2019.

1. Mba Azunna Ogbonnaya, Ikwun ward – Fish Farming
2. Nwaole Sunday Oluchukwu, Ikwun ward –  Poultry Farming
3. Amechi Nkuma, Eleoha Ward – Fish Farming.
4. Emmanuel Okoro, Eleoha Ward – Poultry Farming
5. Joseph Nnutia, Ututu ward – Fish Farming
6. Thomas Johnson Agwu, Ututu ward – Poultry Farming
7. Kalu Bassey Kingsley, Isu ward – Fish Farming
8. Onwuka Chibueze, Isu – Poultry Farming
9. Kanu Nneoma, Aro ward 1 – Fish Farming
10. Beatrice Ijeoma, Aro ward 1. Poultry Farming
11. Amarachi Ogbonna, Aro ward 2 – Fish Farming
12. Emmanuel Offor Onyekwere, Aro ward 2 – Fish Farming
13. Erasmus Chidi Orji, Aro ward 3 – Poultry Farming
14. Stanley Okwudiri, Aro ward 3 – Fish Farming
15. Ejike Jonah, Ohafor Abam ward 1 – Poultry Farming
16. Ogbu Simon, Ohafor Abam ward 1 – Poultry Farming
17. Ada Uzoegwu, Ohafor Abam ward 2 – Coconut oil Processing
18. Mgbodichi Okorie, Ohafor Abam ward 2 – Fish Farming
19. Agwu Onyinyechi, Ovukwu Abam – Poultry Farming
20. Grace Dominic, Ovukwu Abam – Fish Farming
21. Hannah Sunday, Ohaeke Abam – Poultry Farming
22. Comfort Kalu Agada, Ohaeke Abam –  Poultry Farming
23. Otah Okubi Mong – Fish Farming
24. Chijioke Okoro Ignatius – Poultry Farming
25. Joseph Okoroafor. Poultry Farming
26. Stephen Chinwendu Omechara – Poultry Farming
28. Ann Moses – Poultry Farming
29. Okoroafor Emeagha – Poultry Farming
30. Lawrence Kalu Uhubi – Poultry Farming.
31. Chijioke Eric Kanu – Poultry Farming

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1.Livinus Onyengiri, Umuelem/Ndiawa/Ihie/Amorie – Poultry Farming
2. Monday Ohakanma, Umuelem/Ndiawa/Ihie/Amorie – Poultry Farming
3. Ifeanyi Nlemchukwu, Ezingodo – Coconut oil processing
4. Uchenna Emenike, Ezingodo – Coconut oil processing
5. Chinonso Eze, Amuda ward – Fish Farming
6. Ifeanyi Chukwu A. Amuda ward – Poultry Farming
7. Okorie Chimaobi Eboh, Umuaku 1 –  Fish Farming
8. Obi Gloria, Umuaku 2 – Poultry Farming
9. Eze Iroabuchi, Mbala/Achara – Poultry Farming
10. Onyeachusi Chioma, Mbala/Achara – Cocoanut oil processing
11. Chijioke Nwimo, Eziama Agbo – Poultry Farming
12. Chidubem Okoroafor, Eziama Agbo – Poultry Farming
13. Nwaogidi Josephine C. Eziama Ugwu – poultry Farming
14. Ugwubujo Moses P. Eziama Ugwu – Fish Farming
15. Eze Gloria, Ubahu/Akawa/Arorikpa – Poultry Farming
16. Ebubechukwu Ako, Ubahu/Akawa/Arorikpa – Poultry Farming
17. Christiana Ekwe Okoli, Lokpaukwu – Cassava starch processing
18. Sylvester Nnabu, Lokpaukwu – Fish Farming
19. Banabas Udogu, Leru/Lekwesi – Cassava starch processing
20. Veronica Okorie, Leru/Lekwesi – Cassava starch processing
21. Perpetual Ndu, Obinolu/Lomara/Obiagu – Poultry Farming
22. Charity Ekele, Obinolu/Lomara/Obiagu – Fish Farming
23. Joy Onwubiko, Lokpanta – Poultry Farming
24. Okechukwu Etoh, Lokpanta – Poultry Farming
25. Akabuike Maduabuchi – Poultry Farming
26. Ejimdu Samuel – Poultry Farming
27. Marize Samuel – Poultry Farmin
28. Wilson Ibe Chukwuka – Poultry Farming
29  Okereke Uzoamaka – Fish Farming
30. Aham Ifeanyi – Poultry Farming.

1. Orji Okpan Udensi, Isiama ward – Poultry Farming
2. Onyike Agwu, Isiama ward – Poultry Farming
3. Afor Kalu, Ebem- Oha ward – Poultry Farming
4. Ijeoma Ndukwe Ibiam, Ebem-Oha ward – Poultry Farming
5. Nkechinyere Okorie, Ohafor ward – Fish Farming
6. Uzunma Kalu, Ohafor ward – Poultry Farming
7. Anoyochi Amogu, Ania Ward – Poultry Farming
8. Georgiana Ikpeama, Okamu ward – Poultry Farming
9. Comfort Uche, Okamu ward – Poultry Farming
10. Orji Kalu Agbara, Amaeke ward – Poultry Farming
11. Ngozi Nelson, Amaeke ward – Fish Farming
12. Nnenna Ndukwo, Amaeke ward – Fish Farming
13. Mkpa Queen Chizoba, Agboji ward – Poultry Farming
14. Jane Merford Ojigwo, Agboji Ward – Poultry Farming
15. Ukwueri Sam, Amaogudu ward -.Cassava starch processing
16. Igwe John Lekwauwa, Amaogudu ward – Poultry Farming
17. Igbo Onwuka N. Ndi Etiti ward – Poultry
18. Ogechi Okorie, Ndi Etiti ward – Poultry Farming
19. Isaac Uka Agwu, Ndi Elu ward – Coconut oil processing
20. Nnenna Johnson, Ndi Elu ward – Poultry Farming
21. Solomon Daberechi Gift, Ndi Agbor ward – Cassava starch processing
22. Obasi Esther Iro, Ndi Agbor ward – Fish Farming
23. Chinenye Ezeigbo Kalu – Poultry Farming
24. Obasi Obasi Ogba – Poultry Farming
25. Agwu Ugochi, Ania Ward – Poultry Farming
26. Okocha Egwuonwu – Cocoanut oil processing
27. Rev. Iroha Paul Mba – Poultry Farming
28. Patience Kalu Ume – Poultry Farming
29. Ugwunwa Enianya – Poultry Farming.

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1. Ruth Kalu, ward 1 – Poultry Farming
2. Eva Ijeoma Oguna, ward 1 – Cassava starch processing.
3.Onuoha Emeka, ward 2 – Poultry Farming
4. Nneoma Elekwa, ward 2 – Cocoanut oil processing
5. Chukwu Chinyere, ward 3 – Cocoanut oil processing
6. Chinenye Isaac – Poultry Farming
7. Comfort Onyinyechi, ward 4 – Cocoanut oil processing
8. Dede Friday Odimuko – Fish Farming
9. Florence Nkpu – Fish Farming
10. Ejimofor Akachukwu – Poultry Farming
11. Nmaji Monday – Cocoanut oil processing
12. Nnamdi Okoro – Cassava starch processing
13. Ugorji Florence M -Poultry Farming
14. Monday Ugeno – Fish Farming
15. Odinaka Ejike – Fish Farming
16. Bethel Ibeaja – Fish Farming
17. Sunday Nwankwo – Fish Farming
18. Agustin Chukwuebuka – Cassava starch processing
19. Udoka Agu – Poultry Farming
20. Imoh Chima Alloy – Poultry Farming
21. Igbokwe Grace – Poultry Farming
22. Chidi Ubiada – Cocoanut oil processing
23. Chinedum Ekekwe – Cassava starch processing.

1. Chizara Ukandu, Bende ward – Cocoanut oil processing
2. Theresa Nwosu, Bende ward – Fish Farming
3. Ufere Okechukwu, Umuhuezechi ward – poultry Farming
4. Okoro Chioma, Umuhuezechi ward – Poultry Farming
5. Uche Egbuta, Ozuitem ward – Poultry Farming
6. Okezie Orji, Ozuitem ward – Cocoanut oil processing
7. Onyemaechi Sunday Okameme, Nkpa- Umuimenyi – Poultry Farming
8. Glory Ahamefula, Nkpa-Umuimenyi. Cocoanut oil processing
9.Life Peter, Itumbauzo ward – Poultry Farming
10. Ndidi Joel, Itumbauzo ward – Poultry Farming
11. Emenike Ndukwe, Uzuakoli – Fish Farming
12. Obioma Okoronkwo, Uzuakoli – Poultry Farming
13. Sopuruchi Chikezie, Alayi – Cassava starch processing
14. Emenike Ndukwe, Alayi – Poultry Farming
15. Uchenna Chukwu, Ugwueke ,Ezeukwu – Poultry Farming
16. Mercy O. Ogbonnaya, Ugwueke, Ezeukwu – Poultry Farming
17. Happiness Obioma Ogwo, Item A – Fish Farming
18. Chima Igwe Okeh, Item A – Fish Farming
19. Favor Ezinne Eke, Item B – Cocoanut oil processing
20. Igwe Kelechi, Item Ward B – poultry Farming
21. Mary Eke, Item Ward C – Poultry Farming
22. Ifeanyi Igwe, Item Ward C – Cocoanut oil processing
23. Mbaonu Dick, Igbere ward A – Poultry Farming
24. Joseph Obike, Igbere ward A – Cocoanut oil processing
25. Dickson Kalu Uwakwe, Igbere ward B – Fish Farming
26. Ngozi Chukwuma, Igbere ward B – Poultry Farming
27. Chidinma Abosi – Cassava starch processing
28. Ifeanyi Odoemena – Fish Farming
29. Nkechi Emenike – Poultry Farming.

Dear people of Abia North, voting Mao means to follow better. He is poised to do more.

To be continued….

Hon. Toby Chuks Egeonu is a Public Affairs Commentator and Political Analyst.


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