May 16, 2022

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No PDP 3-man delegate congress held in Abia 

No PDP 3-man delegate congress held in Abia
Information  from participating stakeholders,  from the media, from concerned Abians, and indeed almost everyone in Abia state confirmed that no three-man delegate Congress was held in Abia. Besides the Governor’s home-made video of himself acting the Ward Congress, there is no other mention of that Congress anywhere.
 Stakeholders and participants waited unendingly all over Abia. Nothing took place.  To the consternation of decent people, the Governor later applauded the conduct of  a ‘successful Congress’ in his ward. His cronies were all listed  as delegates!
Petitions are flying while law-abiding stakeholders have headed for the courts.
Abia State is likely to take over from Zamfara State which in 2019 lost all positions in the state including the Governor’s seat  as a result of impunity and scripting of congress results.
The charade in Abia cannot subsist. Subtle but sustained attempts being made by Governor Ikpeazu to impose his cronies to succeed him at all levels in Abia State are ongoing. The state of Abia has failed.  This is why we plead with patriotic Nigerians, INEC, the  judiciary, other institutions interested in good governance to look on Abia state with pity and the fear of God.
 Already,  the Governor has ‘annointed’  Professor lkonne to succeed him in 2023 .The confiscation and annexation of the Ad-hoc Congress in the state is a step towards achieving this  objective. Indeed, we need help to end impunity in Abia State.
Written by
Chief Chris Esiaba
Former Chairman,
South East forum
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