March 23, 2023

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Why Abia North earnestly needs Sen Ohuabunwa back at the senate

Senator Ohuabunwa

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Why Abia North earnestly needs Sen Ohuabunwa back at the senate
Senator Ohuabunwa
There is no gainsaying the fact that not just Abia North but the South East and indeed, Nigeria earnestly need Sen. Mao Ohuabunwa who represented Abia North Senatorial District at the eight senate back at the red chamber come 2023.
The unfortunate and provocative circumstances that made him lose his return bid in 2019 is highly regretted, and a big setback to the entire zone. But we have all put the past behind us with a resolve that the Mistake of 2019 will NEVER AGAIN reoccur in Abia North.
Senator Ohuabunwa
It has also become very obvious that the Peoples Democratic Party PDP ticket for Abia North Senatorial seat is Ohuabunwa’s to pick as he has no reasonable challenger.
Yes, some busy bodies on ego trip may want to impress their psychophantic fans by picking the PDP nomination and expression of interest forms, but Abia North already know them for whom they are.
A chameleon will never change its colour! In 2019 they pretended to be inside but in actuality they were only moles for the enemies.
It is not surprising but only a confirmation of their mission as unrepentant traitors that those who have spent nearly eight years at the same green chamber where Senator Ohuabunwa was between 1999 and 2007 and rose to the enviable position of Leader of the House of Representatives ; but could not move a single motion now want to drag the senatorial ticket with him.
Senator Ohuabunwa
How can  spectator lawmakers by default who were not good enough to head any committee at the green chamber attempt to represent Abia North at the red chamber? What a collective insult on the sensibilities of the great people of Abia North!.
We are anxiously waiting for 2023 to end the darkness of voicelesnes of the zone at the red chamber which enveloped us since 2019, and another ‘deaf and dumb’ era is rearing its ugly head but NEVER AGAIN shall we be taken for granted! Once beaten twice shy!
How can an acclaimed lawmaker without a motion let alone  a Bill to his credit despite spending close to eight years at the green chamber think Abia North is that dumb and empty-headed to allow him go waste another four years or more on its behalf at the hallowed red chamber?
Well, it’s democracy, and those who have accumulated so much public funds can afford to throw it around anyhow. It’s their right to aspire but certainly ours to decide who to go for us.
Abia North will never again allow ‘project draggers’ and docile, spectator- lawmakers smoke our collective opportunities at the National Assembly! NEVER AGAIN!
Like the proverbial saying that seeing is believing, we therefore, challenge these jokers to publish their scorecards for public assessment.
For a start let’s refresh our memories with some of the Bills sponsorsed by Distinguished Senator Ohuabunwa in the barely three years he spent at the red chamber.
Let’s limit ourselves to bills for now. At subsequent outings we will delve into motions, projects and other achievements.
1. National Center for Disease Control (NCDC)(SB.10)signed in to law.
2. Nigerian Institute of Transport Technology act (SB.11).
3. National Agricultural Land Authority Act, Amendment bill (SB.12)
4. Nigerian Institute of Management Act 14 2003 (Amendment) (SB.13)(SB.18).
5. Presidential Transition Bill 2015 (SB.19)
6. Commercial Agriculture Credit Scheme (SB.20) signed in to law.
7. National Council for Research and Development Bill 2015(SB.124).
8. Nigerian Security and Civil Defence ACT No 6(amendment) bill 2015 (SB.132).
9. Federal Entrepreneurship Centers Establishments (SB.133).
10. Medical and Dental Practitioners Act (Amendment) 2015(SB.136).
11. Constitution of the Federal republic of Nigeria (third Alteration) act 2016.
12. An Act to amend the Code of Conduct Bureau Tribunal act Cap C15, LFN.
13. Federal College of Education (Technical), Arochukwu Bill 2017 (SB.515) third reading and public hearing done.
14. Federal Polytechnic, Item, Abia State (Est, etc) Bill, 2018 third reading and public hearing done.
15. Bill for an Act to establish National Centre for Cancer Research and Treatment also signed in to law.
As at the time of this compilation, there were a total of 500 bills sponsored in this 8th Senate and Senator Mao Ohuabunwa had 15 bills to his credit.
 Interestingly, out of the 75 bills already signed into law by President Muhamnadu Buhari as at then, our illustrious, Distinguished Senator Mao Ohuabunwa had three to his credit.
Remember that the Senate had and still has 109 members. The average Bill per Senator will make you appreciate the heroic efforts of our highly-endowed Senator Ohuabunwa at the red chamber.
To be continued next week.
Comrade Chigozie Daniel writes from Umunneochi Local Government Area of Abia State.
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