Tribute to late Hauwa, FCT chapter NBA chair

Tribute to late Hauwa, FCT chapter NBA chair


Hauwa was one of the first eleven in the movement in Nigeria, filled with passion and very inspired to make a change in this troubled world.

A southern Kaduna warrior, a field marshal, the real advocate of women. I came across this good sister of mine when she was the Fida President and Hauwa tenure brought great changes to FIDA like no other, a mover, an achiever, a goal getter, she changed everything positively, her role in the passage of the VAPP Act can never be forgotten , she added value to the then FIDA and changed FIDA forever, there are some people who are here just to play a role, my sister played that role very well until last year when it all started first with her legs, so she was on the wheelchair for a while, I remembered I used to tease to run for the Presidency of PWD, I recalled in one of our travels outside Abuja , I was in charge of her mobility, then from her legs , it became Kidney, just around last year April , she was hospitalized and was on dialysis, strong Hauwa got over this, very quickly, by the time I went to visit , she was hale and hearty , she rested for few months and got back to the fold, with better weight and hope for the future.

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Like a twin , we started again, working hard to ensure women live happily from violence, our last journey together was to Niger, to support state action plan to end VAW, both of us were nominated by Erelu Bisi Fayemi to support the state to enable the implementation of the laws , we were together for three days . Hauwa was a beautiful soul, a dependable ally, a sociable sister, I personally will miss you so much , you have of recent became part of my life, my gist partner, my accountability friend, one of the first I talk to , listen to , seek advise from, I have received several calls , why Hauwa, not again, it seems to me that we don’t have control of this , death comes knocking , we only need to be prepared, live well , stress less and when it comes be bold to face it. Hauwa was bold though not ready, we talked last week and she told me about the Doctors report of an infection in her blood.

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I was very sure she will make it, she was bold to confront it, she asked me to support an unfinished work, I knew she was down in spirit , I started 🎶’ I can do anything for you, anything forrrrr u’ she bursted into great laugh and we gave her hope . Moving from there , it became very difficult to reach her , I sent text messages , no response, never knew the great warrior was already knocked down by an incurable illness that will snatch her away from all of us. Gone so soon Hauwa, I know you had great plans to liberate Southern Kaduna People, to see Nigeria adopt a fast track specialized court to treat SGBV. We should not be intimidated to celebrate one of our own, once again as we wish Hauwa, great rest in the great beyond, I am sure if that space permit heaven welcomes another great woman advocate, a fighter and a do good woman, adieu my sister, my friend , o di gbere, o tun doju ala. I am sure your loving husband , which you cared and loved till death will be with the angels to receive and herald your welcome. I can only say goodbye, till we meet again. Sisters , WE MOVE!!!

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A great Tribute by Dr. Abiola Akiyode-Afolabi…

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