See your husbands  as your best friends, Bayelsa  SSG’s wife admonishes women

See your husbands  as your best friends, Bayelsa  SSG’s wife admonishes women
From Amos Odeh, Yenogoa
Wife of Secretary to Bayelsa State Government, Mrs Preye Konbowei Benson has enjoined wives to see their husbands as their best friends, saying that women ought to be the mirrors to their husbands to guide and help them to become great achievers.
Speaking during a women’s day programme organised by the women’s wing of Kingdom Grace Mission International Church at Oxbow Lake, Yenagoa, on Sunday, Mrs Benson who was the guest speaker at thee event, maintained that: “The woman was created by God so that there would be no loneliness for the man because loneliness brings depression in men”.
She pointed out that: “a single person making all the decisions in the home was not a good practise in a Christian home and that was why the woman was created out of the man to enable him experience a balanced family life for the couple to interact as best of friends”.
“A woman is to submit to her husband because the man is the head of the family. A woman ought to listen very well before replying or answering a guest in the home. Eve did not listen to God’s instructions well or else she would not have fallen into the temptation of the devil.
“Women are fellow workers in the house and in the church, complimenting the efforts of their husbands. Women have the qualities and emotional intelligence to bring up the children in the home, being the first teachers of the children. Wisdom and kindness are in the tongue of a woman. The tongue of a woman is like a sweetener to the man. Women are made to be sober minded, dignified and not to be careless with their words”, she reiterated.
Drawing examples from the Bible, she advised women to emulate the good qualities displayed by women like Esther, Ruth, Priscila and Aquila, noting that the virtuous women in the Bible managed their homes with wisdom, integrity, discipline and the fear of God. She pointed out that though Ruth in the Bible was a foreigner in Israel, she distinguished herself through her dedication to her own mother-in-law, Noami, whose faith was revived through her daughter-in-law.
The wife of the SSG further advised wives to treat their husbands’ relatives with love and respect, just as she admonished wives to always take actions that would enhance the position of their husbands in society, stressing that the virtuous women in the Bible became legends by their good examples because they did everything with the fear of God and absolute respect for their own husbands and families.
“I call on mothers to see themselves as the first teachers of their children and to give quality attention to the girl child. Women should be sober, spiritual,  intelligent and virtuous. Ruth, Esther and Noami were generous and represented their homes well.
“Wives should take care of their mother-in-laws. Ruth was mindful of her mother-in-law. Couples should be open to one another in the family. Make your husbands your best friends”, she admonished.
Also speaking, wive of the General Overseer of Kingdom Grace Mission International Church, Pastor (Mrs) Eucharia Kiyaramo, encouraged women to be diligent, vigilant and dedicated to the service of the Lord with absolute respect and love for their husbands and families in the fear of God.
In his admonition to the women, General Overseer of Kingdom Grace Mission International Church, Apostle Timiebi Gaius Kiyaramo, maintained that women are called to be a helpmates, which is a call to companionship that is of extreme importance to the family, adding that a helpmate is a team player in the marriage, who understands that each partner in the holy union must give all of themselves to build the relationship.
“It’s not a 50/50 kind of deal, but more like a 100/100. A helpmate understands that somedays their partner may not be at their best, but it is in these instances that a true companion steps in to pick up the slack.
“A helpmate is that unconditional loving partner who takes her eyes off herself and focuses them on her spouse. It’s easy as a human to think “me, me, me,” but to love like Jesus, you take your eyes off simply what you’re getting out of the relationship. Instead you focus on what you may give to it”, Apostle Kiyaramo reiterated.
Earlier,  the coordinator of the women’ programme,  Mrs Abigail Minis, said the women’s initiative was meant to expose the women to healthy social interactions among themselves with a view to encouraging one another to excel in the service of the Lord.
She assured the women that next year’s women confidence will be more than this year, saying that the event was organised in hurry due to the prevailing global health challenges in the country.
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