June 9, 2023

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#EndSARS : It’s time to overhaul police force, says  security expert

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#EndSARS : It’s time to overhaul police force, says  security expert

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A former Director of Operation at the Department of States Services Chief Remond Nkemdirim, has called for the overhauling of the Nigeria Police Force to able it meet the security challenges facing the Country.

He insisted that the magnitude of security challenges facing the Nation currently could not be treated with kids gloves.

He stated that among other things the number of Police officers must be increased to at least five thousand personnel to meet the United Nations benchmark of one policeman to 400 people.

Nkemdirim, who spoke in Umuahia the Abia state capital on Tuesday pointed out that attention must be paid to training of police operatives to produce police personnel who would march the level of intelligence of likely suspected criminals who are mostly educated.

He stated that it was high time specialization was introduced
in the police force to enhance proper investigation of criminal cases.

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The security expert also added that the pay package of police personnel must be taking into consideration to boost their morale while on duty.

He therefore recommended proactive Policing on the side of the police force as the best option for policing the country.

He said, “The police must not wait for crime to happen before taking action, that’s why they must have strategies for raiding flash points to flush out suspected criminals.

“But to achieve that the police must be well equipped in terms of training and crime fighting equipment.

“It’s unfortunate that we have about 371, 000 police operatives policing over 200 million Nigerians out of which 250 thousand officers are policing the VIPs in the country, that’s why the number of police operatives must be increased to meet the UN benchmark of one policeman to 400 people”.

Nkemdirim, also stated that Nigeria was over ripped for State, community and private policing method to compliment the Nigeria Police force.

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On the on going #End SARS protest across various cities in Nigeria,
Nkemdirim, urged the Federal Government to dialogue with the protesting youths.

He also advised the protesters to come up with a kind of leadership structure or appoint spokes persons to speak for me.

“I don’t support the use of force on the protesters, but there must dialogue between them and the government to find a lasting solution to their demands”, he said.

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