May 16, 2022

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‘Nigeria still crawling @ 60, begging for bread’ – Sen Ohuabunwa  * Says only restructuring can save Nigeria from implosion

‘Nigeria still crawling @ 60, begging for bread’ – Sen Ohuabunwa

* Says only restructuring can save Nigeria from implosion

From Steve Oko,  Umuahia
Senator Mao Ohuabunwa who represented Abia North senatorial district in the eight senate, has regreted that after 60 years of political independence, “Nigeria is still crawling and begging for bread “.
Ohuabunwa who made the observation in his goodwill message for the 60th anniversary of the country, said that “only genuine restructuring that dispassionately addresses the flaws and lopsidedness in the 1999 constitution will  guarantee the continued co-existence of the various tribes in the country as one  political entity.”
The former Speaker, ECOWAS Parliament, blamed the woes of the country on faulty constitution.
He said he was doubtful if the Nigeria of today was the dream country that the  patriots and founding fathers of the country fought so hard to liberate from colonial rule  60 years ago.
Senator Ohuabunwa who noted that shortly after the independence, various regions in the country were thriving on their own until the military interrupted democracy and eventually forced the 1999 constitution down our throats upon return to democracy at the fourth republic.
He, observed that Nigeria had not made much progress commensurate with her age, a sad development he attributed to bad governance incubated by faulty constitution.
Ohuabunwa strongly supported the clamour for restructuring to save Nigeria from implosion.
He said that there was urgent need to restructure the country based on the aspirations of the people to engender healthy competition and robust economic  development.
The former Senate Committee Chairman on Primary Health and Communicable Diseases, called on the Federal Government to quickly commence the process of giving Nigeria a people’s constitution.
According to him, it sounds strange that after 60 years of attaining political independence, Nigeria, a population of about 200 people is still run  with a constitution written by one man.
He said that only by overhauling  the 1999 constitution foisted on the country by the military that Nigeria would address the endemic corruption in the country, glaring injustices against certain regions, the various agitators for seccesion,  suspicions and mistrust, and the growing tension in the polity.
Ohuabunwa further observed that because of the endemic flaws in the 1999 constitution, democracy in Nigeria has come under siege by a powerful cabal created by the system.
He however acknowledged that Nigeria was not a total failure as the country had recorded  some appreciable successes in some sectors especially the private sector where many Nigerians have demonstrated ingenuity.
Ohuabunwa urged Nigerians to still have faith in the country while believing that the leaders would do the needful to put the country back on the path of greatness.
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