IPOB raises alarm over ‘secret abduction, killing’ of members by security operatives

IPOB raises alarm over ‘secret abduction, killing’ of members by security operatives
* Blames S’East govs, Ohanaeze for prescribing group
By Steve Oko
The Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, IPOB, has raised the alarm over alleged “house -to-house search, abduction and secret slaughtering” of their members  by security agents in different  part of “Biafra land”.
Expressing fury over the sad development, the pro -Biafra movement warned the perpetrators  to retrace their steps   or brace up for the dire consequences. 
However, the Nigeria security agencies have variously denied any involvement in extra judicial killings of Biafra agitators, claiming that security personnel are rather targets of attacks in South East.
But IPOB has insisted that its members have been secretly arrested and abducted by security agents.
IPOB in a press statement by its Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, alleged that “this has continued unabated since 2015  till date”.
The statement read in part :We are  aware of the on-going house -to- house search by security operatives  designed to pick up and eliminate Biafrans in Igweocha, Enugu, Imo, Aba, Delta  and Ebonyi States. 
“This is yet another unprovoked attack  by Fulani terrorists in Nigeria police and army uniforms since the August 23rd 2020  barbaric  killing of Igbo youths  in Emene,  Enugu State. 
“Not done with the recent massacre of 21 unarmed  Biafrans at Emene, the Nigeria security agents have now resorted to house to house abduction of IPOB members and other Biafra agitators.
“Just last week at Ohafia in Abia State,  they abducted Mazi Okewu Agwu from his home and many others including  Mazi Samuel Arua Eme, Mazi Kalu Iroha Amogu, Mazi David Agwu and 12 others whose names are yet to be established as  at the time of this press statement.”
IPOB which said it had been chronicling the unprovoked attacks against its members and other Biafra agitators vowed that the perpetrators and their sponsors would never escape justice.
“This continued state – sponsored attacks and secret murder of IPOB members  and Biafrans in general must stop! Let it be  on record therefore, that anyone –  man or woman, civilian or security agent, etc , directly or remotely  involved in killing IPOB member has a debt to pay  no matter how long it takes.
“We are monitoring and taking records of every single attack on our people. We are telling Nigeria government and her security operatives as well as Biafra traitors  that IPOB cannot be decimated contrary to their erroneous calculations, and wishful thinking.”
The statement  blamed the continued humiliation of Igbo youths by the security agents as well as the attacks by violent  Fulani herdsmen who destroy crops and farm lands in various communities on the proscription of IPOB by South East governors and Ohanaeze leadership.
IPOB argued that had the group not been proscribed by the governors, the federal government wouldn’t have had the temerity and justification to brand it a terrorist organisation.
It regretted that ever since the group was outlawed in 2017, Igbo land and other parts of Biafra had become vulnerable to incessant attacks by terrorists.
The statement further read : “The  treacherous and  ignoble role of South East Governors, some self acclaimed Igbo political elite  and the Nnia Nwodo -led Ohanaeze Ndigbo in the proscription of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, IPOB, and the subsequent invasion of the Afaraukwu Umuahia country home of our Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, on September 14, 2017 are enough lessons for traitors. It’s a constant reminder of the Igbo adage that “when you kill your hero in internal squabble, during external fight you must remember him”.
“Three years down the line, we want to ask these traitors:  How have  they and Igbo land  fared in the hands of the Fulani? The reward of treachery is shame and eternal regret! By conniving with the enemies to get rid of IPOB that is the only defence line of Biafra nation, these saboteurs have opened our land to constant attack and humiliation by Fulani terrorists, herdsmen and bandits.
“First, in their shameful bid to impress their Northern masters for political reward, these traitors outlawed IPOB, a peaceful movement, and paved the way for its eventual proscription as a terrorist organisation.
“Ever since then, how have they protected or defended Biafra land against incessant Fulani unprovoked attacks? To their shame, Igbo land and the entire Biafra territory have been rendered vulnerable as the enemies on total annihilation and conquest mission have turned it into slaughter ground.
“Where are the treacherous  Igbo governors, political elite and Ohanaeze that proscribed IPOB?
“It was their treachery that gave the Nigerian Army the effrontery to raid the home of Nnamdi Kanu on September 14, 2020 under the guise of Operation Python Dance. Their mission  was to kill him at all cost but God thwarted their evil plans.”
IPOB denied any involvement in the alleged security heat on security agents in South East, contending that it’s ridiculous for heavily armed security operatives to claim that unarmed civilians were attacking them. 
“The latest attempt by the Nigeria government to blackmail IPOB and project it  as a terrorist organisation cannot fly. Their ridiculous and shameful claim that a nonviolent and unarmed group is responsible for the purported attack on heavily armed security agents in South East is untenable.
“Ordinarily we wouldn’t have bothered to dignify these detractors with a response as we have since known their stock in trade, but for the sake of the gullible ones and some innocent minds. We want to, once again state here that there is no iota of truth in this fictitious claim.
“We equally want to sound a note of warning to everybody especially those who derive joy in  castigating IPOB to desist forthwith or brace up for the consequences of their blackmail.
 “Besides, they should know that the era of propaganda and cheap blackmail  is gone. We are ahead of their game.   Frivolous and concocted allegations designed to disparage IPOB can no longer sell. The world now knows better. IPOB’s nonviolent ideology about the Biafra project is well known and cannot change.
“It’s an irony that IPOB, outlawed in Nigeria as a ‘terrorist group’, freely operates in over 100 countries of the world. We hold our rallies and activities without molestation or intimidation in these countries because they know we are not terrorists, and don’t intend to be.
” All we need is Biafra, our own country which has been in existence before Britain created Nigeria and unequally yoked us with Fulani that value cows above human lives. Marriage isn’t by force. We are tired of this bondage and want a referendum to determine our fate. Simple!
“In case they have forgotten, IPOB is a global movement divinely ordained to  liberate Biafra and other tribes caged in this British   contraption called Nigeria. Our resolve to restore Biafra freedom and independence is of God Almighty (Chukwu Okike Abiama)  in Heaven, a task that must be accomplished very soon.”
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