Nnamdi Kanu spits fire over formation of Miyetti Allah ‘national security outfit’ * Reveals plan to tackle them 

Nnamdi Kanu spits fire over formation of Miyetti Allah ‘national security outfit’
* Reveals plan to tackle them
By  Steve Oko
Leader of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has expressed rage over the recent announcement by the Miyetti Allah that it had formed its own security outfit nation wide.
Kanu said his major grouse with the Fulani security outfit was its national outlook which he argued, was an affront to other ethnic nationalities in Nigeria.
He alleged that the development was a confirmation of the long-held view and conviction by IPOB that the Fulani had been secretly plotting to overrun Nigeria.
Kanu in a press statement he personally signed, also blasted the federal government for allowing the Miyetti Allah get away with the declaration when the same government had stoutly opposed the formation of regional security outfits by some willing states.
The IPOB Leader who accused the federal government of double standard recalled that his Afaraukwu Umuahia country home was invaded by the military in 2017 after IPOB had launched Biafra Security Service to cater for the security challenges in the region.
” It should be recalled that one of the dubious reasons cited by the Fulanized Federal Government for launching combat operations (Python Dance) in Biafraland in 2017 was its unwarranted fear of the security outfit being floated by the IPOB to cater to the regional security of Biafraland.”
Kanu wondered why the Fulani security outfit was not limited to only  the Northern states occupied by the Fulani race. 
The statement read in part :”Now that Miyetti Allah has finally confirmed the long-running Fulani conquest agenda of entire Nigeria by forming a nationwide ‘security outfit’, IPOB wishes to go on record to state as follows:
“This latest belligerent development may have caught the rest of Nigeria by surprise but not the IPOB which has warned long ago that the Fulani had – since 2015 – hatched a plot to violently conquer the whole of Nigeria and is in this wise being overtly and covertly emboldened by the Fulanized, Islamized Federal Government of Nigeria.
“This latest move is merely a part of series of actions geared to subjugating the Christian indigenous nationalities of Nigeria that have stoically borne the brunt of the brutal terror that was unleashed by the Fulani since the coming of Buhari in 2015. This terror has largely affected the Christian minorities in Northern Nigeria but with this latest development, the Fulani now want to bring this terror fully to Southern Nigeria through the subterfuge of a Fulani ‘security outfit’.
“If Miyetti Allah’s intentions are sincere and patriotic, it would have advisedly restricted this so-called security outfit to the few states in the far North where they are pseudo-indigenes, having settled-in after migrating to Northern Nigeria from Futa Jallon.
“To be sure, the Yoruba – through the OPC – founded Amotekun and ensured that it remains a strictly regional security outfit that is restricted to the Southwest of Nigeria.”
Kanu, therefore, rejected the operation of the Fulani security outfit on any Biafra soil and vowed to resist them.
“Given the overwhelming evidence that the Fulanized Federal Government has given its tacit blessing to Miyetti Allah to proceed with this sinister move, the IPOB has resolved to take the following immediate steps:
“The IPOB will, henceforth, regard as a hostile and occupying force any Fulani posse, whether deceptively called a security outfit or vigilante found anywhere in Biafraland. Accordingly, the IPOB will take appropriate measures to expel such force, measure for measure.
” If the Fulani Federal Government attempts to assist or otherwise enable Miyetti Allah to stay put in Biafraland, the IPOB will escalate its response to include but not limited to equally forming counter-security outfits in all States of the far North where the Fulani are predominant.”
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