Biafra ‘ll supply free oil to West African countries   – MNK  * Says only lazy nations depend on oil for survival 

Biafra ‘ll supply free oil to West African countries   – MNK

* Says only lazy nations depend on oil for survival
* Reveals economic blue print
By Steve Oko
Leader of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has announced  the willingness of Biafra republic when restored, to supply free oil and gas to any  country in West Africa  on request.
Kanu who announced this during a live broadcast on Radio Biafra, Sunday evening, declared that the quest for Biafra independence was not borne out of greed for oil money but genuine desire for emancipation from political subjugation and economic strangulation by the Nigerian authorities.
He said that he was willing to sign a treaty under the supervision of the United Nations to supply free oil and gas to any country in West Africa including Nigeria on request.
This, according to him , was to prove to  critics that the agitation for Biafra was not about domination or control of oil wells but about  freedom of  the people from oppression, injustice and political exclusion.
He further explained that  Biafra was also interested in the development and economic survival of her West African neighbours who she “obviously  needs” to patronise her products.
Kanu said that the economy of Biafra would not be built on oil and gas but on intellectual endowment of the people which could only be likened to the ingenuity of the Jews.
According to him, only lazy nations depend on oil and gas  for survival, claiming   that crude  oil is more or less   a curse than a blessing to Nigeria.
” Biafra will depend on intellectual resources.  We will use our God -given intelligence to produce products that we will market to the world.
” Part of our economic blue print is to negotiate with multinationals and foreign companies so they will come to our land and build their companies, employ people and manufacture their products at cheap cost.
” From the land of Biafra, these products will be shipped to different parts of Africa and the world. Our desire is to free the entire black race  from slavery. We are not after oil and gas in our land because dependence on it will make us lazy and set us backwards like Nigeria.
” I want to place it on record that we are not agitating for Biafra to block the flow of oil to Nigeria. In fact, we are ready pipe our oil to the Nigeria border and give them free of charge to show them we are loving and caring .
The IPOB Leader further indicated the willingness of the new republic when actualised, to build a sea port at Lokoja where Nigeria could have easy access to goods from overseas.
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