‘Ike Oye using APGA as ponzi scheme’  – Otti  . Says national chair’s greed driving eminent Igbo out of party

‘Ike Oye using APGA as ponzi scheme’  – Otti
. Says national chair’s greed driving eminent Igbo out of party
By Steve Oko
The 2019 governorship candidate of the All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA in Abia State, Dr. Alex Otti, has accused the National Chairman of the party, Chief Ike Oye, of using the party as “a ponzi scheme “.
Otti also claimed that Oye’s greed and bid to perpetuate himself in power were the reasons eminent Igbo sons and daughters were deserting the party in droves.
He regretted that APGA which was once a home for eminent Igbo politicians and people  due to the ideals of the founder and the late Igbo legendary leader, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu had become a shadow of its former self due to incompetence of the party’s current leadership.
Otti who spoke through his Media Team, was reacting to media remarks against him by the Abia State chapter  of APGA on the heels of his recent defecation to the All Progressive Congress, APC.
In a press release signed by his Media Aide, Ferdinand Ekeoma, the former banker mocked APGA and asked the leadership to bear their cross as no amount of blackmail can make him return to the party.
The statement made available to Wawa News Global  read in part :”The attention of the Alex Otti’s media team has been drawn to a press briefing held in Umuahia on Monday, 6th July, 2020, which was sponsored by the disgraced former national leadership of the All Progressives Grand Alliance(APGA), during which a group of irritants masquerading as officials of the party dedicated energy pouring venomous tantrums against the person of Dr. Alex Otti, OFR, and other illustrious sons and daughters of the South East who left the party over the inglorious activities and the Ponzi scheme set up by the former national leadership of APGA led by Victor Oye.
“While the press conference was purportedly staged to respond to Dr. Alex Otti’s recent interview where he unambiguously announced his exit from the party and blamed his exit on the incompetence of the Oye led former national leadership, and the attempt to re-foist him on the party, sadly, the organizers helplessly looked pathetic before the press as they dedicated over three hours abusing and blackmailing the financial expert, while failing woefully to drive home any single point in their 7 page gibberish that attempted unsuccessfully to contradict Otti’s submissions .
“While we do not consider these very jobless and idle characters laying claim to the leadership of APGA worthy of any serious engagement, we however, deem it proper to put a few facts straight so as to disabuse the minds of unsuspecting members of the public whom the conmen perpetually seek to misinform and mislead. We therefore state as follows:
“That Alex Otti recognizes APGA as a political institution far bigger than the conmen that seek to bury it on the alter of greed and criminal pursuit of materialism, and that as long as the party once had the seal of Odumegwu Ojukwu and the presence of some illustrious citizens, Otti and others who once had something to do with the party will never cast aspersions on the party.
Suffice it to say that, those who were emphatically accused by Otti should be courageous enough to carry their cross, because they are neither APGA nor owners of the party.
” Alex Otti did not run an election in Imo where party members and prominent aspirants carried out a widely publicized procession around Owerri, calling the APGA leadership a criminal entity, and urging them to return over One Billion naira fraudulently stolen from party members. Some of the aspirants later went to court and EFCC to seek redress. This scandalous stigma will hunt the perpetrators of the above mentioned criminal acts all the days of their lives. If we may ask; was it Alex Otti that also sponsored the protests and rage in Imo?
” The irritants claimed that Alex Otti was a liability to the party, and that the party was already achieving great feats in Abia before Otti joined the party. However, when the press asked; if Otti represented all the evil things they associated him with, how come the party gave him ticket on two consecutive occasions? They went dumb and could not provide any answer.
“It is important to add that, before Otti joined APGA in Abia, the party had two factions, sadly, they neither had state nor LGA party secretariats. It took an Alex Otti to get the party functional at all levels and had been paying the rent for those offices till today.
It also took an Alex Otti and his supporters for the party to secure  11 legislative seats in the state house of assembly out of 24  and a seat at the House of Representatives. Before then, it is on record that APGA never won even a councilorship seat in the state. It was possible because Otti selflessly and generously deployed huge resources which were given to more than 80% of the candidates in the spirit of collectivism. He showed sincerity and commitment, and enjoyed the support of millions of Abia people.
“The bitterness and frustration being exhibited by the conmen against Otti over his decision to leave the party is understandable, because finding a replacement for such a gold fish is a difficult task, especially when his presence affords them the opportunity to enjoy regular stipends from those who desire to hold Abia down. The mourning is understandable, but they should mourn honorably.
“Finally, we wish to remind these conmen who had already been nicknamed and known as “Ekperima” in Anambra that Alex Otti has nothing in common with them. He’s  neither aspiring for fame, name, nor economic breakthrough like his abusers, rather he is a man who desires to use his God-given material blessings, wealth of experience, intellect, talent and contacts to better the welfare of Abians on a larger scale.
” Therefore, the bitter and broken APGA undertakers should know that it is not Alex Otti that is pursuing them, but the spirit of Ezeigbo Gburugburu, Ikemba Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu whose name was senselessly used to defraud and betray his people. Like Alex Otti said in his interview, except something drastic is done to redeem the party, the forthcoming election in Anambra is already conceded. The energy being dissipated to attack Alex Otti by some minions who were dependent on him should have been better channeled to the real challenges the party is dealing with”.
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