Nigeria  needs president of Igbo extraction to free North from poverty, Ohanaeze replies Arewa youths 

Nigeria  needs president of Igbo extraction to free North from poverty, Ohanaeze replies Arewa youths
By  Steve Oko
The youths wing of the apex Igbo socio-cultural body, Ohanaeze Ndigbo has expressed disappointment over a statement credited to the National President of Northern  Youths Forum, Alhaji Shettima Yerima, that Igbo would never be allowed to rule Nigeria.
Ohanaeze Youths Council which described the statement as reckless and unguarded said that Terima , his sponsors and co-travellers were only looking for cheap popularity.
OYC in a statement by its National President, Comrade Igboayaka. O.  Igboayaka, reminded Yerima that Nigerian Presidency ” is not the birth right of Fulani oligarchy “.
Igbo youths further averred that contrary to misconceptions among Yerima and his likes, Nigeria needs Ndigbo more than the Igbo need her.
OYC also reminded the North that it would take the ingenuity of the enterprising spirit of Nigeria President of Igbo extraction to free the North from the shackles of abject poverty.
The statement signed by the OYC Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Chukwuemeka Chimerue, read in part , warned Northern youths of stoking the embers of ethnic crisis. 
It read in part : “It’s only an Igbo man becoming President of Nigeria that will stop the multiplication of Almajiris by bring at least solution to reintegrate the Northern Nigeria into a meaningful state of life.
“Fulani have  ruled Nigeria with five military Heads of State and three civilian Presidents since 50 years yet Nigeria is worst undeveloped country in Africa.
“This is a typical evident that the Northern politicians lack capacity to rule or govern Nigeria. Stop relying on the British conspiracy  that handed leadership to the North  to make empty boasts”.
OYC said It was unfortunate that the North had held power in  Nigeria for  50 years but remained the most poorest region in the whole African.
 ” Therefore, they should plead for an Igbo Man to rule Nigeria at least to get them out of stinking poverty that has ruined their life”, OYC fumed.
OYC also claimed that only Nigerian President of Igbo extraction  in 2023 could  rescue the North from Mass illiteracy plaguing the region.
The Igbo group  regretted that instead of  Yerima and his co-travellers to be bothered with the  level of insecurity in the North, “they are busy chasing a black horse at Night.”
According to OYC,  every reasonable Nigerian should be worried about “how to managed the incompetence of Gen. Buhari- led federal government which has suffocated  the country.
“Yerima should rather be concerned  with  the Fulani herdsmen murderers who have been killing in Southern Kaduna and Middle Belt than diverting the attention of the public.
He should  have tackled or confronted the killers boldly as a patriotic Nigerian Youth rather than talking like  a tribalistic  bigot.
Ohanaeze Youths said it was aware some Northern political elite were behind Yerima but told them that Nigerian is never their private esstate.
“OYC is aware that Yerima and cohort are not acting alone, they are supported by political profiteers and Northern cabals that have sworn to lead Nigeria into a national disaster. .
“It has become absolutely clear that the ambition of  the North to retain Presidency is to continue with their Fulanization which has been resisted and rejected by Southern Nigeria, and Igbo are the tribe that can stop them by every means necessary.”
OYC maintained that only Nigeria President of Igbo extraction is a birthday cake for Ndigbo that can calm the political tension, disintegration from the agitation of over 70 million pro-Biafrans which are mainly Igbos.
OYC vowed to  mobilize over 30 million Igbo youths including  pro-Biafra groups to win the election or they (North) would stand the risky of losing Ndigbo from being part of Nigeria.
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