‘I won’t take up any political office in Biafra’ –  Nnamdi Kanu  * Says he’s under oat to quit after actualising Biafra 

‘I won’t take up any political office in Biafra’ –  Nnamdi Kanu

* Says he’s under oat to quit after actualising Biafra
By Steve Oko
Leader of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has declared that he would not occupy any political office in Biafra when the new republic is eventually restored.
Kanu made the declaration while responding to an inquiry by a caller during his live broadcast on Radio Biafra Friday morning.
The IPOB Leader revealed that he was under oat by God never to be part of Biafra government.
According to him, his role is just to actualise Biafra, and then give way for other people who will form the government and make the new republic the envy of nations.
His words : ” I won’t take up any political post in Biafra when Biafra comes. My covenant with God is to lead the struggle, and when Biafra eventually comes, my job is done. Then I will give way for other sensible people to lead Biafra. “
The IPOB Leader, however, said that the covenant was not binding on other people in the struggle who might wish to be involved in political leadership of Biafra.
He said any competent IPOB officer or member interested in political office was free to pursue his aspirations within the bounds of the law.
Kanu noted that a lot of people actively involved in the struggle with him had sacrificed so much that it would not be proper to bar them from contesting for any political office of their choice if they were qualified.
He emphasized that it would be unfair to allow those who were indifferent  about the struggle to only show up when the battle was  over to  hijack political office while those who championed the cause  would be relegated to the background.
When prodded further on what would be his role in the new republic, Kanu emotionaly averred :
“I will put everything in a book I’m writing which will be read like bible and taught in our schools. Leadership is not all about personal aggrandizement or amassing of wealth.
“We shall groom leaders who will appreciate that leadership is a calling for service to the people. Taking up political office in Biafra isn’t part of my covenant with the Most High,  and I can’t go against that covenant.
“I have suffered so much in this struggle, and will like to have little rest after achieving Biafra before I’m eventually called to life eternal. “
Kanu further declared that there would be zero tolerance for corruption in Biafra, adding that political office seekers must be people of proven integrity.
He also said that a structure would be put in place that would not allow legislators and public office holders  to steal from public funds.
“There won’t be corruption in Biafra and we won’t beg you not to be corrupt. We will have a system that will not allow you to be corrupt.
” A legislator will not become super rich over night through public funds. We will have a system where legislators will make the citizens billionaire business men and women through quality and investor – friendly legislations. “
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