May 17, 2022

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Enugu releases update on covid -19 status  * Records 28 new cases, hits 202 overall  * Discharges 154 patients

Enugu releases update on covid -19 status

* Records 28 new cases, hits 202 overall

* Discharges 154 patients


By Steve Oko


Enugu State has released the latest statistics on covid -19 cases in the state.

According to the update released by the State Commissioner for  Health, Dr. Obi Ikechukwu, the state has recorded 28 confirmed new cases as at June 26.

Details of the update show that the total number of active coronavirus cases in the state is 202 while 154 patients have been successfully treated and discharged.

Below is a full text of the latest update made available to Wawa News Global by a media aide to the Governor, Mr. Louis Amoke:


“#Enugu State Ministry of Health’s latest update on #COVID-19 cases in the state (26/06/2020)

*New laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases – 28

*Total laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases – 202

*Number of COVID-19 cases on treatment – 154

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*Number of COVID 19 cases discharged – 43

*Number of Laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 related deaths – 5

Total Healthcare Worker Infections – 72

Be Responsible! COVID-19 is real!

*Stay home when it is not absolutely necessary to go out

*Wear a facemask/covering whenever you must go out

*Keep a safe distance from other people at all times, which is social/physical distancing and avoid crowded places

*Practice good respiratory hygiene (when coughing or sneezing)

*Clean surfaces with a 1 in 6 concentration of bleach and water

*Wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds under running water as often as possible

*And when facilities for handwashing are unavailable, sanitize your hands as often as possible using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer

When You do these, you protect me, and when I do these, I protect you.

If despite your efforts, however, you develop symptoms or know anyone who may have developed symptoms, please call the following numbers;

08182555550 or 09022333833 or the NCDC number 080097000010

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Someone will speak with you and get your details.

Stay Safe!

Dr. Obi Emmanuel Ikechukwu
Commissioner for Health, Enugu State.

Enugu State is in the hands of God!

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