Nnamdi Kanu not against christianity, Islam   – IPOB  * Says leader only angry with compromised religious leaders keeping criminal silence over injustice, oppression 

Nnamdi Kanu not against christianity, Islam   – IPOB
* Says leader only angry with compromised religious leaders keeping criminal silence over injustice, oppression
By Steve Oko
The Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, IPOB, has said that its Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, is not opposed to Christianity contrary to misconceptions in some quarters.
IPOB which made the explanation in a press statement by its Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, said Kanu was only against some dubious pastors and men of God who twist the scriptures to brainwash and fleece their gullible followers.
According to IPOB,  the explanation has become necessary to clear the air over some lies being peddled against its  Leader by some mischief makers to incite the church against him.
IPOB further explained that its Leader had nothing against Christianity, Islam or any religion but was only angry at compromised religious leaders who maintain criminal silence in the face of prevailing  injustice and cover-ups by government.
It said Kanu was only pained by the attitude of most acclaimed men of God who over emphasize tithe and offerings but keep mute over the oppression of  the masses including their members by the Nigerian government.
IPOB further declared that contrary to fears by some persons, freedom of worship would be paramount and fully  guaranteed in Biafra republic when restored eventually.
The statement read in part :”For the benefit of doubt and for the sake of the gullible who are susceptible to these lies, we consider it necessary at this point to put the records straight.
“Our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in his life never condemned Christianity because he was raised in a Christian home by Christian parents and will never do such. He has respect for Christianity, Islam and other faith based religions around the world.
“He is surrounded by Judeo-Christian faith practitioners of which he is one. His parents died professing Judeo-Christian values. Only those fake pastors who believe solely in collecting tithes and offerings in churches without looking tangibly towards improving the lives of their fellow Christians in Nigeria are the ones behind  this twisted narrative.
“For the umpteenth time, our Leader does not hate Christianity and will never attack the faith. What he is against is the twisting of some Christian doctrines by selfish and greedy pastors to fleece their brainwashed followers.
“May we also use this opportunity to appeal to all those who may have misunderstood our leader as disrespecting men of God or showing no regards for Christian doctrines to disabuse their minds and understand that he is only opposed to wolves in sheeps’ clothing.
” He still has respect for honest men of God who have not compromised their divine mandate. Again, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is not against any Biblical injunctions practised by genuine Christians in reverence to God Almighty.”
IPOB maintained that Kanu had consistently defended Christians in Nigeria against oppression more than anybody, wondering how he would be fighting against the same people he has staked so much to defend.
“It is on record and confirmed by the Nigerian ‘PRESIDENCY’ that IPOB and its leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu have been at the forefront of defending Christians in Nigeria more than any Christian group or pastors and men of God have ever done.
” IPOB spends a huge amount of money every month in highlighting the plight of persecuted Christians in Nigeria and beyond. Over 80% of the content of his messaging on Twitter @MaziNnamdiKanu is about persecuted Christians. In this digital age, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) with all their resources does not have a single social media presence. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has been filling that gap for them.
“Our leader is unwavering in his divine assignment to liberate Biafrans and also  every suffering Nigerian who wishes to be free and no amount of cheap blackmail can deter him”.
IPOB, therefore, called for support of its Leader in his ongoing radio broadcasts aimed at exposing the real enemies of the Nigeria people and their collaborators.
The pro-Biafra group further alerted that some agents of state in partnership with some “fake pastors” ,  had recruited some faceless Igbo group with the mandate to blackmail its leader in their desperation to stall the struggle for Biafra restoration.
“It has come to our attention that another faceless and amorphous group looking for cheap publicity and stipend from Aso Rock has sprung in their usual style of writing frivolous press statements against the  great family of IPOB and our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. 
“Our intelligence has revealed that based on these facts, Fulani  in Nigeria government gathered some pastors and men of God, particularly corrupt Igbo politicians to sabotage efforts by IPOB and our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu towards Biafra restoration.
“We are reliably informed that some unscrupulously corrupt politicians and thieving church leaders are sponsoring this new breed of e-rats of uninformed and clueless individuals hell-bent on churning out unguarded and unsubstantiated statements against IPOB since our leader started his exposition on some fake pastors and men of God in Nigeria who have refused to boldly speak up against the incessant and state sponsored killings and slaughtering of Christians in Nigeria.
“Forming different groups to attack the great family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) is futile because God Almighty Chukwu Okike Abiama is behind us to deliver Africa and particularly Biafrans who are the bearers of the light of God with which Africans will see.”
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