Influx of northern youths : ‘You ‘ll die like Abiola’, Nnamdi Kanu warns complacent Southern govs * Says proscription of IPOB blessing in disguise

Influx of northern youths : ‘You ‘ll die like Abiola’, Nnamdi Kanu warns complacent Southern govs
* Says proscription of IPOB blessing in disguise
By Steve Oko
Leader of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has warned Southern governors complacent about the continued influx of northern youths into various communities in the region that they would suffer the fate of the presumed winner of the June 12, 1991 Presidential election, the late Chief MKO Abiola, if they fail to responsibly defend their states against the invaders.
Lorry loads of Northern youths sometimes hidden in trucks carrying cows have been variously intercepted in different Southern states despite the current ban on inter state movements due to covid -19 lockdown, thus raising suspicion on what might be their true motive.
A vocal Northern Leader, Tanko Yakassai had recently raised an alarm that the youths branded ‘almajiris’ (street urchins /brggars) do not have the signature tune of the type of almajiris common in the North.
He said that the worrisome development seemed like a ploy to actualise a certain hidden agenda, adding that having sacrificed so much for the unity of Nigeria, he would not be part of any agenda to destroy any part of the country.
In a swift response to the unfolding scenario, Kanu whose group has championed self rule for the states in South East and South South zones, called for unity among governors in the zone to vigorously defend their people in the eventuality of the undesirable.
The IPOB Leader in a tweet warned the governors of bitter consequences of their inaction, complacency or treachery for selfish political interest.
Kanu tweeted :”To all the Govs who do nothing while invaders are ravaging our land, hear this: If they promised you the Vice Presidency, you won’t get it. If they promised you the Presidency, you won’t get it. And if you try too hard, they will kill you like they killed Abiola.”
Kanu further urged Southern and Middle Belt Leaders to unite and press for peacefully dissolution of Nigeria through referendum, insisting that Nigerian can no longer co-exist as one united entity amid provocative injustices against the people of the break-away Biafra region.
His words :”As the UN warns that ‘insecurity & violence have turned Nigeria into a PRESSURE COOKER’, I’m persuaded to forbear my reservations & call on Southern/Middle Belt Govs, Senators & House of Representatives members to urgently embark on a path to PEACEFULLY dissolve Nigeria through #Referendum“.
While responding to critics who taunt him for leading a struggle for self determination from exile, Kanu said “no true freedom fighter operates from his home country.”
“If you are a true freedom fighter, it’s either you are in prison, grave or exile. You can’t be in Nigeria and be fighting for Biafra independence if you are serious unless you want to deceive yourself and those following you.”
The IPOB Leader argued that prominent genuine freedom fighters like Nelson Mandela of South Africa; Ghandi of India, among others were at a time or the other either in prison or exile, but ultimately actualised their dreams.
He further claimed that the proscription of IPOB by the federal government as a terrorist organisation was a blessing in disguise as it would fast-track the restoration of Biafra republic.
“Let the … know that ANC was once proscribed, declared terrorists & Mandela was exiled & jailed, so were Israel’s Zionists & Mugabe’s Patriotic Front. Ultimately, each prevailed & founded a new nation. “Proscription of #IPOB has made #Biafraexit more urgent & certain”, Kanu tweeted.
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