May 18, 2022

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S’East youths , EEDC set for a showdown  over exploitative bills, poor service delivery, others  * EEDC too dark to be source of light – COSEYL 

S’East youths , EEDC set for a showdown  over exploitative bills, poor service delivery, others
* EEDC too dark to be source of light – COSEYL
By Steve Oko
South East youths have vowed to vent their wrath on the regional power distribution giant,  the Enugu Electricity Distribution Company, EEDC,  over exploitative bills,  poor service delivery and other infractions by the company.
The warning was contained in a joint press release by the President General of the Coalition of South East Youths Leaders (COSEYL), Chief Goodluck Egwu Ibem; and Secretary General, Comrade Kanice Igwe.
Below is the full text of the release made available to Wawa News Global :
“For adding insult to the injuries of our people and for exposing our people to more dangers
during this lockdown, the Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) should get ready for South East Youths.
“Their owners may be connected to every office in Abuja, but the wrath of the people must surely make these friends of theirs think twice before associating with them because they are not worth associating with.
“A company meant to serve our people, be friendly with us and help us develop has suddenly metamorphosed into a monster and is degenerating into an anti businnes, anti people company and a total killjoy.
“A lockdown was directed by government of our various states as precautionary measure to the spread of the coronavirus. People were forced to stay at home and they obeyed the directives as law abiding people. But EEDC decided that they’ll make the lockdown more painful for our people for just no reason.
“Those who bought perishable foodstuffs saw their hard earned money wasted because EEDC decided people must suffer. On daily basis youths who should stay at home are seen trooping out in their numbers to play football or moving about with phone chargers looking for where to power their batteries.
“EEDC actually worked against the Social Distancing directive in the South East by deliberately pushing our people to converge either to charge their phones or to meet in a place where a sign of light is seen to clear the boring nature of their homes.
“This company has demonstrated similar recklessness in the past and everyone kept quiet, but this time around, by the grace of God when we survive Covid-19, the South East will face EEDC squarely because their mission here is obviously sinister and their vision is extremely ominous.
“From Enugu to Abakiliki, Onitsha to Awka, Nnewi to Owerri, Aba to Umuahia down to Ohafia, Okigwe to Orlu and Nsukka to Ngwo, we shall stage a peaceful demonstration against the wickedness of EEDC for the whole world to see.
“Their media PR cannot save them and the  connection of their owners and shareholders with people in Abuja will not stop us for we cannot be suffering and  smiling anymore.
“It’ll be a simultaneous peaceful demonstration and the date will be announced as we continue to pray to God to intervene in this covid-19 problem.
“Nobody will be left out because they’re causing pain to all of us. Our Governors will be aware, our Senators will be aware, our House of Representatives Members will be aware,  including all our five State Assemblies.
“Professional bodies like all the branches of Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) and the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA) in the South East will be aware because they’re needed in this move.
“All the Civil Society Groups in the South East will know about it. Our sociocultural groups will be informed and of course, the police will be informed before we shall move. No loophole will be left.
“This demonstration is long overdue. From our own discovery, EEDC’s mission is to suffer and impoverish our people and their vision is to leave south east underdeveloped and in perpetual darkness and we are saying a big no to them.
“How can a company that operates as electricity company suddenly become an agent of darkness? Why do they enjoy to see people in darkness? Even if it’s a curse, we’ll help them reject it.
“This nonsense must stop. Federal Government must have to look into the activities of these Electricity Distribution Companies especially the EEDC. They can’t be allowed to continue this wickedness.
“Electricity distribution should not be monopolized. In Abia State, they have a company called Geometric that can generate and distribute electricity which was built by an individual, yet EEDC still use their monopoly to be crippling an important and creative cities like Aba, Onitsha, Enugu, Owerri, Abakiliki just to mention a few.
“The competition in the communication industry today is because competition was allowed. This issue of politicians buying shares in the various Discos in their regions who have become even worst than the old NEPA must stop.
“Our demands will be simple and more may come after consultations: help Geometric come to start operating in Abia State at least and open up bidding for more Discos to come in so that people can make their choices.
“If that becomes difficult, then EEDC should pack and go. We’re better off without them than with them.”
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