Buhari pushing Nigeria towards disintegration faster than IPOB  – Kanu’s lawyer 

Buhari pushing Nigeria towards disintegration faster than IPOB  – Kanu’s lawyer

By Steve Oko
Mr. Aloy Ejimakor, one of the leading Councils to the Leader of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has said President Muhammadu Buhari, “is driving Nigeria faster towards disintegration more than IPOB “.
Ejimakor made the remarks in a media chat with our correspondent in Umuahia weekend, at Kanu’s country home when he visited the family to commiserate with them over the death of their parents who were buried on  Friday.
Ejimakor commiserating with one of Kanu ‘s brothers during the condolence visit
According to the constitutional lawyer, President Buhari’s ‘romance and love affair ‘ with globally -recognised terrorists like Boko Haram, killer Fulani herdsmen and bandits who are massacring Nigerians every day  in the most inhuman manners “will break up Nigeria faster than IPOB”.
He said that already Nigerians of different tribes were disillusioned against Buhari who “they believe is pursuing a hidden and suspicious agenda “.
The US-trained lawyer wondered why Buhari would be over-soft on known terrorists that are unrelenting  in their killing spree of innocent citizens but using extreme force on unarmed freedom fighters.
Ejimakor insisted that the President’s poor handling of the worsening insecurity situation in the country had already pitched him against the people who he added, had lost interest in ‘One Nigeria project ‘.
He said that more tribes and geopolitical zones “are now nore sympathetic to the cause of Biafra ” than when the struggles first began.
“How can the President be treating terrorists with kid gloves but dolling out  military tanks against mere agitators and expect people to be happy?
“Boko Haram and bandits will kill Nigerians in their numbers, behead them  in the most dehumanising manners and not only get away with it but get rewarded by being released if at all they are caught.
“Where on earth has any President released captured terrorists while the war is on -going?  Nigeria is already heading towards disintegration not just because IPOB wants Biafra but Buhari is the one pushing Nigeria fast towards disintegration because of how he is dealing with terrorists terrorising the country “.
Ejimakor declared that Biafra restoration would be actualised faster than anticipated following the disturbing security developments in the country.
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