There’s fear in the land’ –  Ex-council boss

 ‘There’s fear in the land’ –  Ex-council boss
* Says it’s time for Buhari to explain on ‘no visa policy’, $30 billion loan, others
By Steve Oko
A political analyst, Elder Amah Abraham, has raised the  alarm that  “there is fear in the land “.
The alarm is coming barely a week after former Minister of Defense, Gen. Theophilus Danjuma said that many people would stop sleeping if he should disclose what he knew happening in the country.
Abraham  attributed the building tension and fear to misrule and utter disregard to the rule of law by the President Muhammadu Buhari -led federal government.
He  said that time had come for President  Buhari to tell Nigerians why his administration intends to borrow a fresh $30 billion.
Elder Abraham who stated this in a press statement released in Umuahia also said the President should be made to clear the air on the suspicion in some quarters that the proposed loan might not be unconnected with the recent invitation by the federal government for Africans to come to Nigeria without an entry visa.
He argued that the controversial  invitation to Africans to enter Nigeria without visa was a sharp contradiction with the unilateral closure of Southern borders by the federal government amidst public outcry.
The former Chairman, Arochukwu Local Government Area who  said Nigeria is now living under palpable fear, urged Buhari to quickly restore the fast eroding public trust in his administration.
He also condemned the President’s dictatorial tendencies which he regretted had made Nigeria’s democracy a mockery.
Below is the full text of the statement :
“There is palpable fear and mistrust in our country. It  was  occasioned by bad leadership which may not be necessarily domiciled with the present administration alone. Nigeria has experienced bad leadership from the very first military coup all through the third republic till date.
“The fear in our land is therefore a bye product of bad politics and bad application of Religion. There is great fear in our land and the country has never been this divided.
“There are several accusations and counter accusations which has further excallated the fear amongst various Nigeria. Nigeria is in trauma and required an urgent attention.
“What we need now is not a nation wide protest. What we need now is not to occupy NASS or ASOROCK. That can further create an unhealthy situation which might get out of Control and deepen tension and increase the fear in our land.
“There are concerns about what the Buhari led administration intend to achieve with a loan of US$29.9BN. There are concerned fears about closed borders and the free border policy available for indigenous Africans.  There are fear on why the President approved N37BN for the renovation of the National Assembly.
“There is no doubt such huge sum will be the highest amount to be spent on the renovation of public building anywhere in the World. The fear in our land will only cause more provocation in our dear country. The greatest of all fear is the silence on the part of our intellectual class. The silence on the part of our spiritual fathers, the silence on the part of our political leaders. Where are the children and students of Tai Solatin, Gani Fawehmi, Chuba Okafigbo, Chukwumerije etc ?
“Once upon a time we had scenario which was not as bad as this during the reign of General Sani Abacha and  he quickly convened a national reconciliatory commission. That move did a lot of good to doused the tension in our country. It was the attempt yo perpetuate himself as a civilian President  which later created further problem for General Abacha of the bessed memory.
“Today we are not taking any steps to tackle the situation in our country. We seem to take things for granted. That is too dangerous and inimical to National security.
“Here is an appeal to Mr President and the members of his inner caucus to taken urgent steps to reduce the tension and fear in our country. Mr President must move to address the joint session of the national assembly. In the  address, he must tell the people’s  representatives what he attend attend with borrowing 28.9bn dollars. He should also take time to explain why he want a free visa regime for all African countries.
“The president should address the joint session in company of his cabinet members who can also offer some further explanation on any question generated by the law makers this step and action by Mr president can resolve lits of tension in our land by allowing democracy take its root in our system “.
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