Rise against influx of mercenaries or perish in the impending jihad, IPOB warns Nigeria indigenous tribes

Rise against influx of mercenaries or perish in the impending jihad, IPOB warns Nigeria indigenous tribes
By Steve Oko
The Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, IPOB has raised an alarm over the influx of mercenaries into Nigeria, alleging they are arriving ahead of a possible jihad against indigenous tribes.
IPOB claimed that the recent visa free policy announced by the federal government was a ploy to flood Nigeria with Fulanis from the Sahel with the intention to use them as mercenaries to fight indigenous tribes in “the impending jihad”.
The pro-Biafra group in a statement signed  by  its Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful urged indigenous nationalities in Nigeria to stoutly rise against the influx of foreigners or get ready to be consumed in the impending jihad.
IPOB further alleged that ex-Boko Haram fighters and herdsmen had already been recruited into the Nigerian military, police and other security agencies by those behind the evil plot with the intention to dominate the indigenous tribes.
IPOB which claimed to be the last defense line as both the Middle Belt and the Oduduwa people had apparently been suppressed into submission, vowed to defend the Biafra territory against any jihad.
The statement made available to Wawa News Global read in full :
“Those of us witnessing the alarming trend of disproportionate influx of Fulani Janjaweed killers through the porous borders of the north find it shocking that non-Fulani ethnic groups across Nigeria have as usual chosen to remain silent and resigned to suffer the impending carnage, loss of  their land and alteration of their way of life rather than join ongoing efforts by IPOB to dislodge and drive these Fulani foot-soldiers and terrorists back to the Sahel from whence they came.
“Any ethnic group in Nigeria, from Southern Kaduna, Middle Belt and Oduduwa that fails to rise up now will be swallowed up in the orgy of violence that will inevitably follow shortly.
” Not since the Biafra-Nigeria War has anyone witnessed the current high level of influx of mercenaries from the terror ravaged Sahel region into Nigeria. While other ethnic nationalities in Nigeria have,  through a combination of morbid fear of the war mongering Fulani and cowardice, been bamboozled into accepting the perverse narrative that these terrorists flooding in from the north are mere Fulani settlers, we the global family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by our great leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu cannot be deceived. We are raising the alarm once again about this impending bloodbath and Fulani desperation to forcibly take over the land of indigenous ethnic groups in Nigeria.
“The total conquest and domination of the geo-political space in Nigeria by the Fulani has entered into a critical and irreversible phase. This is sole reason why the Fulani dominated Nigerian Army are busy occupying the East with their endless military exercises and tens of hundreds of roadblocks in the futile attempt of seeking to contain IPOB. There is no security challenge in the east but there are more armed soldiers, heavy weaponry and checkpoints in Biafraland than in the north where terrorism, banditry, kidnapping is the order of the day.
“It appears Middle Belt have effectively collapsed under this new renewed weight of relentless  Fulani drive to Islamise and  dominate. The Yoruba race have watched helplessly as these Fulani terrorists have boldly raised their banner in Ekiti State. Only IPOB are the people resisting this blatant  Fulanisation project. We are the last line of defence between survival of the true owners of the land and eternal damnation at hands of the Janjaweed from the Sahel.
“The Fulani government of Nigeria has perfected their evil plans and has embarked on a well funded misinformation program with Yoruba faces in the present regime to mislead the masses as Jihadi soldiers try to accomplish the goal they started in 1804 with the decimation of the Hausa race.
“It is important that  inhabitants of Nigeria and Biafrans alike are alive to their responsibilities to defend their populations against this devilish Fulani plan. Endless lamentations will not do anything, only a well coordinated direct action can.
“The key actors in this deadly plan want  to spread Fulani domination through terror, despotism and totalitarianism throughout Nigeria and Biafraland.
“The defence of Biafraland against these vandals from the Sahel, some of which have been recruited into Nigeria Army/Police and sent to Aba, Onitsha, Enugu, Igweocha and Owerri to kill at will, remains the priority of IPOB. Anybody or group of persons who still believe that anything good can come of the Fulani rulers of Nigeria or that Nigeria is salvageable is deluded.”
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