Why Trump’s impeachment can’t stand

‘Why Trump’s impeachment can’t stand’
By Elder Amah Abraham
President Donald Trump is an ideal president for American interest and her  people. His impeachment is an assault against Americans and that is the more reason it can’t pass the huddle of the Republican controlled Senate. 2/3 majority will be required to get him out of office. It wouldn’t happen.
Trump stands for American conservation and the Americans know it. His hardliner approach to issues he considers anti America is responsible for his latest persecution. He might likely go down in history as the first American President to survive impeachment and win a re-election.
Students of political history should patiently follow the process and see how real democracy works. The process is purely constitutional and there are no roles for the security agents and political thugs.
In Nigeria the Mace of the HoR would have been taken away. Members of the Democratic party would probably have been locked out of NASS and DSS would have probably taken an onslaught against members of opposition.
We have got lots of lessons to learn on democracy. Nigeria has the highest numbers of political scientists in the world next only to America.  We are not ignorant of political and judicial process but we have unfortunately betrayed ourselves and opted for an aberration.
We have murdered  Separation of Powers and the Rule of Law as enshrined in our constitution and what happens in our land today is a far cry of democracy. We have even gone beyond nepotism and fast approaching fascism.
Which country in the whole world will dare borrow US$ 29.9 in a single swoop. The executives are yet yo explain the reason behind such borrowing to the Nigeria public. The president is yet to address the National Assembly to explain reasons behind such borrowing.
Nigeria has become a country without patriots and statesmen. If they exist they have probably conspired not to speak or are afraid to speak or are part of conspiracy of silence.
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