Nigerian professor, Ezeibe  who invented HIV/AIDS therapy to deliver inaugural lecture  * Says Nigeria ‘ll make more money from therapy than oil  * Says therapy also cures prostrate, liver cancers 

Nigerian professor, Ezeibe  who invented HIV/AIDS therapy to deliver inaugural lecture
* Says Nigeria ‘ll make more money from therapy than oil
* Says therapy also cures prostrate, liver cancers
By  Steve Oko
Professor Maduike Ezeibe of the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike, Abia State, who discovered a cure to the dreaded HIV/AIDS disease, has said Nigeria could generate more revenue through his therapy  than crude oil.
The university don who made the claims at a press conference on the 48th Inaugural Lecture of the institution to be delivered by him on December 18, said the therapy could be a major source of endless revenue for Nigeria if the Federal Government partnered with him.

Professor Ezeibe

Professor Ezeibe who said he had already acquired national patent right of the therapy appealed to the federal government to assist him get international patent for the drug.
The Dean, School of Verterinary Medicine said the potency of the therapy had not been in doubt since 2013 when it was discovered after many decades of painstaking research works.
He disclosed that no fewer than two HIV/AIDS patients placed on the therapy tested negative of the pandemic every week since its debut.
The professor of Clinical Virology said that Nigeria stood to benefit immensely if “we commence  commercial production” of the therapy which he currently gives to patients almost free of charge.
He further disclosed that the therapy known as Aluminum -magnesium silicate  (MSAMS) had also proved to be efficacious in the treatment of prostrate and liver cancers.
Apart from treatment of viral diseases, the therapy according to him, can also be used in potentiating / stabilizing other drugs to enhance their efficacy .
“MSAMS is an exportable pharmaceutical raw material which pharmaceutical companies all over the world would buy to improve efficiencies of their medicines to reduce production cost “, he said.
Providing more insights on the efficacy of the therapy, Professor Ezeibe said the Nanoparticles in the drug enable it to reach the  “HIV- reservoirs or sanctuary cells” inaccessible by medicines and mop up the virus hiding in such ‘sanctuaries’ and destroy them.
He contended that researches for possible vacinne for the cure of HIV/AIDS would remain an effort in futility (at least in the nearest future), as no vaccine might totally bring cure to the dreaded disease.
“HIV/AIDS occurs at all ages which means that immunity from vaccine against it should be for life. It’s a social disease which means it would be embarrassing to ask adults to come for revaccination even if it’s annually.
“And if we are still having outbreaks of IBDV/AIDS in vaccinated chicks worldwide, it doesn’t make scientific sense for anyone to hope that in the near future that HIV/AIDS vaccine that can confer enough immunity for life would be produced “, he posited.
On how he discovered the therapy he said :”We have invented electrostatic attraction as a mechanism of action of drugs for treatment of diseases caused by agents that are electrically charged -viral diseases, cancers and other tumours”.
He further said that “since the MSAMS is made of Nanoparticles, it reaches every cell, and as a  silicate, it restores immunity”, adding that “continuous mopping of pathogens and normalised immunity would terminate any viral infection like HIV/AIDS, Ebola, Lasa fever, Measles, and eliminate any abnormal cells including fibroid, prostrate cancer /enlargement, breast cancer, brain tumor, etc “.
Professor Ezeibe who maintained that his therapy had not been scientifically controverted anywhere in the world since 2013 wondered why some people were still skeptical about the landmark discovery which he said had already been published in some leading international journals.
Ezeibe who boasted that so many HIV/AIDS patients who took his therapy had been cured,   regretted that some skeptics over his discovery were only biased because of his origin.
 “Nobody has queried my therapy. It’s not herbal mixture or concoction; it has scientific formula. So, why are some people not accepting it?  Is it because I’m black?
“It’s inferiority complex that makes Africans not to stand up. God is not American or European. God has given us all wisdom and, anybody can make any scientific discovery “.
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