Buhari should emulate Obama, save Air Peace instead of joining to strangulate it – Senator 

Buhari should emulate Obama, save Air Peace instead of joining to strangulate it – Senator


By Emma Nwaka

Too big to fail became the mantra in the US during the 2008 world wide financial crisis set in motion by the recklessness of bankers. The Obama administration rose to the occasion by making available public funds to save some big ailing companies whose crash would have disrupted the socio-economic equilibrium of the U.S. It didn’t matter at that point who did what that led to the crisis. The time is now for PMB to borrow a leaf from Obama to save Airpeace; it’s easily today the largest airline in West Africa. Now that Nigerians have abandoned the roads to highway men but for Airpeace which is linking virtually all the cities in Nigeria at the speed of light, I shudder to imagine the agony and hardship Nigerians would have been faced with. Need I mention the huge number of her staff who will be unleashed into the already crowded labour market if it collapses. Or are we talking about a whole lot of companies which provide ancillary services which will go out of business if Airpeace goes under. Do we need to mention that the airline is the only one that is on the verge of grabbing a substantial share of the international travel market which all along has been dominated by foreign airlines. Think about the huge foreign exchange that’ll be saved if Airpeace is saved.
When the people from West came here to plunder and engage in slave trade, they returned home to be knighted by their home governments. Must we disown our own, No.

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Written by Senator Emma Nwaka

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