UN general assembly : IPOB reveals what ‘ll happen to Buhari 

UN general assembly : IPOB reveals what ‘ll happen to Buhari
By Steve Oko
The Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, IPOB has in the statement below by its Media and Publicity Secretary , Emma Powerful, revealed what would happen to President Muhammadu Buhari as he attends the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Thursday, September 25.
Below is a full text of the statement made available to Wawa News Global :
“IPOB family worldwide especially our great family members in the US are on ground waiting for Buhari to appear in the United Nations General Assembly this week, the General assembly is scheduled to start deliberation from 25th of September 2019 in the city of New York. Our people in the US perfected every arrangement necessary to protest against the dictator Buhari and his government in Nigeria during the summit to prove our resoluteness and determination for the coming of Biafra and how tyrant Buhari has become. The world must understand why Biafrans need outright freedom from unworkable system of Nigeria without much delay.
“Buhari and his Fulani government in Nigeria have totally destroyed this country and we must let the world know what transpired between Biafra and Nigeria since 1945 till date. We are aware Buhari departed Abuja for New York with 3 governors, 7 ministers to attend the UN General Assembly. IPOB is going to stage a powerful and unprecedented protest against him in US for the purpose of continued and incessant killing, arrest, destruction of properties and secret abduction of Biafrans both men, women and children every day and night in Biafraland. The plans by Fulani government of Nigeria to stop IPOB from demanding their right for free state and independent nation of Biafra will not work. The whole world must see IPOB right in the front of UN headquarters in New York.
“Our case is now before the various specialised UN agencies or working groups with specialty in various specific monumental human rights abuses systematically perpetrated against Biafrans and other vulnerable individuals and groups in Nigeria. The Camallard’s recent press release on Nigeria is one such example that shows how irredeemable Nigeria has become. You can understand that only the press statement has rattled Aso Rock and Fulani cabals in the presidential villa Abuja and particularly those on the seat of power in Nigeria. IPOB is strategically moving forward to restore Biafra sovereignty in no distant future.
“Our meeting with UN officials last week were frank and forthright. If there were doubts before in their minds that Nigeria is one almighty calamity, the feeling we got after our discussions is that they now have a proper appreciation and deeper understanding of how irredeemably hopeless the case for one Nigeria has become in light of the reign of impunity, poverty, repression, unbridled corruption and collapse of the legal system.
“The well marshalled case for Biafra self-determination by our leader and prophet Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was all too apparent for them to see and persuasively argued to their understanding that IPOB will not retreat nor relent in the pursuit for free and liberation of Biafran people. We will only intensify our efforts to bring about the total collapse of the unworkable union called Nigeria. High levels of police and army brutality against innocent and unarmed citizens of Biafra and absence of an compromised judiciary makes Nigeria a prime candidate for cataclysmic implosion in the not too distant future. We must protest against Buhari and his collaborators at the 74th United Nations general assembly in New York city this week.
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