MASSOB celebrates 20th anniversary, restates commitment to Biafra restoration via nonviolence 

MASSOB celebrates 20th anniversary, restates commitment to Biafra restoration via nonviolence


By Steve Oko

The Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign state of Biafra (MASSOB), Sunday, celebrated its 20th anniversary .


MASSOB at the glamorous ceremony, restated commitment to Biafra restoration through non violence.

“We have vowed to commit our lives in continuation of the the struggle & restoration of sovereign state of Biafra through non violence”. MASSOB Leader ,Uchenna Madu ,said in a statement.

The statement made available to Wawa News Global read in full :”Today, as we celebrate our 20yrs anniversary of MASSOB formation, we remember our brothers & sisters whose lives were cut short because of Biafra in the hands of Nigeria security agents.

“Our non violent MASSOB members died innocently with brave heart for the Biafra cause, they were molested, mesmerized, humiliated, brutally killed by the armed security agents of our oppressors.

“Today, we the remnants of MASSOB activist also remembers the parents of our fallen heroes, some are still traumatized, some are dead because of shock while others are living ghost of themselves.

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“We are committedly, consistently and uncompromising agitating for an independent state of Biafra from Nigeria. Biafra is the answer to the numerous subjective slavery, Nigeria subjected Ndi Igbo into, ranging from political, Economical, Academic, Religious, Cultural and Social slavery.

“Today in Nigeria, true nationhood has remained stillborn. Peace, justice and equity has remained elusive to Nigeria which still remains in perpetual strife and increasing crises since her independence.

“These undeniable realities are the reasons the Nigerian State is afraid of Biafra which represents the truth they can not legitimately counter. Biafra speaks of the truth Nigeria knows she is guilty of. So,  out of weakness, jittery and fear, Nigeria resorts to repressions, persecutions, killings and detention of Biafran agitators.

“It has come to our notice that a pro Biafra group is also complementing our anniversary celebration in disguise of being MASSOB members in celebration of the 20yrs of MASSOB existence.


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“MASSOB acknowledges other Biafrans in celebrating with us as the mother and foremost pro Biafra self determination movement. MASSOB have resolved that 20 years of our long walk to freedom can never be jeopardized, compromised or corrupted.

“The reformation and rededication of our committed and consistent efforts in actualization of Biafra have brought back our lost confidence and trust on Biafra actualization. MASSOB shall never relent in our non violence Biafra struggle because the truth shall always prevail over falsehood.”

MASSOB also condemned the judgement of Nigeria Presidential Election Tribunal sitting in Abuja on the election petition against President Muhammadu Buhari.


The major national decay that consumes the Nigeria state has shifted from the primitively minded President  Buhari -led executive arm of government to the judiciary arm which was once the celebrated hope of the commoners.

“The height of lamentations and wailings from millions of Nigerians across the globe as  reactions to the insensitivity, ungodly and callousness exhibited by the panel of highly positioned judges that delivered the judgement on the presidential election tribunal has proved that the Nigeria state has gone beyond repair and redemption.

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“The Judges of the presidential election tribunal have committed the worst impunity and constitutional sacrilege against their conscience and the conscience of millions of Nigerians. They have painted the Nigeria judiciary as the worst and most corrupted judiciary in the world. They have finally closed the thin door of Nigeria’s survival.”


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