February 8, 2023

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Amagedon!  Touch herdsmen see hell,  Miyetti Allah roars  * Says Fulani herders fully ready to defend selves

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Amagedon!  Touch herdsmen see hell,  Miyetti Allah roars 
* Says Fulani herders fully ready to defend selves
* Warns govs, ethnic militia groups 
By Steve Oko 
The last may not have been heard of the controversial Ruga saga and the dust it is raising across the country as the Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, has warned ethnic militia groups against any attack on Fulani herdsmen. 
They warned that any such attack in any part of the country, would be swiftly reteriated in greater proportion.  
 The National Secretary of Miyetti Allah, Saleh Alhassan, in an interview with PUNCH, urged herdsmen  to defend themselves against any ethnic militia group in the country, saying herders should exercise their rights to free movement as Nigerians.
Miyetti Allah threatened to hold South-East Governors responsible should anything happen to its members in the zone. 
The threat according to the group is based on the recent ban on the movement of cows on foot through out the zone by South East Governors Forum.
 Wawa News Global  recalls that South-East Governors Forum, through its Director-General, Prof Simon Ortuanya, had recently warned that movement of cattle in  the zone by foot would no longer be tolerated.
Miyetti Allah vowed that anybody who attacks herdsmen in their locality  would regret such attack after a reprisal attack by the herders. 
The group urged herdsmen to vigorously  defend themselves against any attack in any part of Nigeria, insisting that Nigeria is one.
 His words, “We are Nigerians and we have a history. Anybody that thinks he can wake up and take on the Fulani pastoralist is making a grievous mistake; we are well prepared to defend our fundamental human rights of movement in this country.
  “They (herdsmen) are Nigerians, so they are entitled to stay where they are. They should remain where they are and defend themselves against ethnic militia and assert their citizenship in this country.
 “The only thing we would say is that we will hold all the governors of those states responsible for their safety and security, but if any ethnic militia, by any name, attacks our members, they should defend themselves in a manner that nobody would try such again. 
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