May 28, 2023

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We need  functional sea ports not RUGA, Igbo youths tell FG . Raise alarm over fresh plot to replace RUGA with NLTP  * Say reactivation of Eastern seaports the only guarantee to Nigeria’s peaceful co-existence 

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We need  functional sea ports not RUGA, Igbo youths tell FG
. Raise alarm over fresh plot to replace RUGA with NLTP
* Say reactivation of Eastern seaports the only guarantee to Nigeria’s peaceful co-existence
By Steve Oko
As the controversy over the suspended Ruga project is yet to abate , Ohanaeze Youths Council, OYC , has told the Federal Government that what “Easterners need are functional seaports  and not the toxic Ruga settlement project.”
This is as OYC has raised a fresh alarm that the “Federal Government  is scheming to replace the suspended Ruga project with the National Livestock Transformation Plan (NLTP), which it alleged “is another Ruga in disguise”.
OYC in a press statement by its National President, Comrade Igboayaka .O Igboayaka , challenged the Federal Government to  replace NLTP with approval for liberalisation of ownership and operation of seaports in Nigeria.
” OYC wishes to inform the Federal Government that rather than go ahead with its plans to set up the National Livestock Transformation Plan, NLTP, what Ndigbo need is the liberalization of ownership to enable the South East region establish, resuscitate and operate its seaports which have been neglected under the exclusive list of the government”, the statement read.
The statement read in part :”Ohanaeze Youth Council observed that NLTP which is another baptismal name for cattle colony and the now suspended Ruga farm settlement cannot aid the economic development of Alaigbo.
“But in solving the problems and/or conflicts that have been recorded in cattle rearing, we urge  South East governors  to empower indigeneous farmers who engage in pastoral farming.
“To this end, we want  the Federal Government to replace the NLTP by tapping the natural potentials of the rivers in Alaigbo by dredging the natural water channels in Obeaku Ndoki, Azumini Blue River Abia State, Oseakwa Ulasi River Anambra State with 20 meters  deep and 18 nautical miles to Atlantic Ocean and Ibaka River Akwaibom state, bringing it up to international best standards for the construction of seaports.”
According to OYC,  “the Azumini River, in Ukwa-East and Obeaku River in Ukwa-West are strategically located and are connecting the Abia, Rivers and Akwa Ibom states. This naturally provides a good site for lucrative maritime business due to the close siting of the area within the range of 25-30 nautical miles to the Atlantic Ocean.”
Continuing, the statement said  “OYC asserts that the revival of dilapidated eastern seaports, such as Warri port, Onne port, Calabar port, Port Harcourt seaport, and Koko port, would complement Lagos ports and improve the overall economy of the country.
“We, therefore, urge the Government to improve the port facilities for importers and exporters to have seamless use of the port for maritime activities.
“Establishing this project will raise the standard of living as Igbo youths and traders will no longer see need to migrate from the East in search of greener pastures offshore.
“They are determined to ensure that the presence of robust seaports in the area will make Alaigbo the ‘Dubai’ of Africa, stimulating rapid development within ten years of adequate maritime businesses.”
OYC said that the only way to sustain Nigeria’s unity was to ensure justice and equitable distribution of public utilities and even infrastructural development across the country.
” Anyone interested in the indivisibility and peace of Nigeria should see functional seaports in Igboland as prelude for peace and unity in the country.
” Nothing else will guarantee the peace and safety of Igbo Governors, Senators, House of Representative members as well as those at the State Houses of Assembly within Alaigbo except their quick intervention, determination and negotiation with the Nigerian government to immediately commence in earnest, the construction of viable seaports in Igboland.”
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