February 2, 2023

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Southern, Middle Belt leaders warn govs against donating land for Ruga * Say project ‘awful ‘ 

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 Southern, Middle Belt leaders warn govs against donating land for Ruga

* Say project ‘awful ‘

By Steve Oko

Southern and Middle Belt Leaders have issued a stern warning to Governors in the zones not to ceed an inch of land in the region for the ‘evil ‘ Ruga settlement for the Fulani pastorialists or face the wrath of the people.

The Leaders who vehemently rejected  the proposed Ruga settlement which they described as “awful project ” vowed to resist its implementation in their regions.

They equally warned the Federal Government to immediately jettison the proposal or risk revolution.

Describing the initiative as “repugnant, repulsive and provocative”, the leaders said the project is only in the interest of the President’s kinsmen  – Fulani.

In a statement by Messrs Yinka Odumakin (South West), Prof Chigozie  Ogbu (South East), Senator Bassey Henshaw  (South South) and Dr. Isuwa Dogo (Middle Belt), the leaders argued that the Ruga settlement “seeks to colonize the rest of Nigeria under the guise of promoting cattle rearing, which is private business.”

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The statement read: “SMBLF has reviewed all the arguments about the Ruga Settlements the Federal Government is embarking upon in furtherance of the ethnic domination and conquest of the Fulani in Nigeria which the Buhari government is taking to the next level.

“The idea is repugnant, repulsive and provocative   as it seeks to colonize  the rest of Nigeria under the guise of promoting cattle rearing ,which is private business that should not have the involvement of any responsible government, as lining the might of the Federal Government behind the business of one ethnic group in a multi-ethnic country as Nigeria can only come from a government that is not interested in its unity.

“In the last four years, we have seen the rate at which the herdsmen have turned non-Fulani communities into killings fields, with the government turning a blind eye to all their crimes, while using the instrumentalities of state to defend and shield them from interrogation.

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“If the herdsmen as wanderers had perpetrated untold crimes against indigenous people on a scale that is nothing but genocidal, it is left to imagination what they would do when the Federal Government of Nigeria now forces them on these communities as landlords.”

The leaders called on the people from their zones to be vigilant against any move to forcefully sieze their land for the ‘evil aganda ‘ which they said must be resisted at all cost.

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