June 11, 2023

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Ohanaeze to Buhari : You proscribed unarmed  IPOB but pamper killer herdsmen, bandits * Tackles FG over rising insecurity

Chief Nnia Nwodo, National President of Ohaneze Ndigbo

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Ohanaeze to Buhari : You proscribed unarmed  IPOB but pamper killer herdsmen, bandits
* Tackles FG over rising insecurity
From Maurice Okafor ,Enugu
The apex Igbo socio- cultural organization,  Ohanaeze Ndigbo  has descended on President Muhammadu Buhari over the rising insecurity across the country .
Rising from its monthly meeting in Enugu on Thursday, Ohanaeze blasted the Buhari -led Federal Government over its inability to contain  the worsening security situation in the country.
 Ohanaeze expressed disappointment over the failure of the federal government to deal decisively with killer herdsmen and bandits wrecking havocs in parts of the country, where as the same FG was swift in labeling members of non-violent Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, IPOB ,terrorists, and probscribing them. 
The apex Igbo body accused the FG of pampering terrorists while using sledge hammer on unarmed IPOB.
Ohanaeze also challenged Buhari’s government to explain why captured terrorists would be released and given cash rewards without prosecution while their victims suffer without any form of compensation.
In a pres statement signed by Ohanaeze  President General,  Chief Nnia Nwodo, Ohanaeze lamented increased state of insecurity such as killings,  kidnappings and  banditory in parts of the Middle Belt, North Central,Borno and Zsmfara states etc in the past four months.
It expressed  worry that militant herdsmen have continued to kill,  maim and destabilise Christian areas with very little containment by the National Security Forces.
The statement read in part :”What is most disturbing is that very few arrests, seizures of arms or prosecution have been made in all these instances by ou national security forces and the impression is created that their activites have the encouragement, sanction and acquiescence of our national security”

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It further regretted that several local and international mining companies have without license,  occupied parts of Northern Nigeria and engaged in continuous illegal mining of Nigeria’s mineral resources.

It stated that In the South East and South West,  collosal ransoms are daily extorted from helpless citizens by kidnappers and many captives killed by bandits,  making it impossible for locals to freely move about.

“Why on earth these gun trotting militants should be protected financially an insulated from criminal prosecution whilst IPOB,  an armless group is proscribed and categorised as dangerous to National security bugs our imagination” it said.

The organization reiterrated it’s stand on restructuring as the solution to solving the  persisting problems of insecurity in Nigeria.
Ohanaeze also   condemned  the alleged ongoing negotiation between the Federal Government and Miyetti Allah for a grant of N100 Billion as a condi tion to halt the killings.
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