May 18, 2024

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‘I ‘ll  marry again if…’  Rev Charles  Osueke 

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‘I ‘ll  marry again if…’  Rev Charles  Osueke

By Steve Oko

The immediate -past General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God Nigeria, Rev. Charles Osueke, has said that he “will marry again  if there is marriage in heaven”.
Dr. Prince Emeaba and wife, Kaceey
Papa Osueke made the declaration Saturday while preaching at the wedding ceremony of Dr. Prince Ndubueze Emeaba, and Kaycee Kazi at the Assemblies of God Church 222 Clifford Road Aba.
He contended that  if God in his wisdom saw that “it is not good for the man to stay alone” but should have a suitable  help meet, then “marriage is good.”
The cleric further postulated that those who preach against marriage are opposing God’s will for man.
Rev. Osueke who disclosed he had been married  for close to 52 years frowned at those who preach divorce among couples.
He said “marriage is inseparable” and counselled couples against opting for divorce under whatever circumstance.
Papa Osueke said “there is nothing like separation in marriage”.
He argued that the fact that “divorce is rampart” in many Western nations including  America does not make it an acceptable practice.
“People say American is a godly nation but if you go to America you will know prayers are not said in public schools.
“So, for somebody to preach divorce because there is so much divorce in America is out of it “.
Papa Osueke hailed Nigerian lawmakers for legislating against gay marriage, saying homosexuality remains an abomination even in the present time.
The cleric advised couples whose marriage is soured to return to God who instituted marriage and rediscover its  goodness.
He also charged the young couple to always look up to God for the beauty of marriage and never allow any third party in their union.
The incumbent General Superintendent of AG Nigeria, the Rev. Chidi Okorafor who officiated at the wedding enjoined the couple never to go against their marriage vows to each other.
He urged them to love each other unconditionally and seek each other’s good and well being.
Wawa News Global reports that the wedding attracted the presence of ‘who is who’ in Assemblies of God Nigeria.
Some of the dignitaries at the event were Rev. Ogbaa Onyeije, Superintendent of Aba District;  Rev. Henry Emelike of Umuahia Central District; Rev. Ogboso Ejindu ; Rev. Don Odunze (Junior); Rev. Uche Ume ,and a host of others.
The parents of the couple, Rev. & Rev. Mrs. P. Emeaba; and Ambassador & Mrs. J. M Kazi , family members and their friends and well wishes were also at the event.
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