July 21, 2024

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Rights activist accuses Int’l community of  criminal silence over genocidal killings in Nigeria 

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Rights activist accuses Int’l community of  criminal silence over genocidal killings in Nigeria
By Steve Oko
Human rights activist, Comrade Paul Njoku, has accused the international community of keeping criminal silent over genocidal killings in Nigeria by herdsmen and Islamic fundamentalist groups.
Njoku who expressed annoyance over the renewed mass killings in Southern Kaduna and other Christians dominated Northern communities wondered why the international community is complacent over the ugly incidents.
He noted that the spate of killings in the North since after the February 23 presidential election in Nigeria has been alarming.
Njoku queried the essence of international treaties Nigeria signed with international organisations if the international community could not leverage on such treaties to hold the leadership of the country accountable for inaction.
The rights activist said it was a criminal conspiracy for the international community to watch idly as herdsmen and other armed bandits slaughter hapless Nigerians (mainly Christians)  on daily basis.
He said the international community should come to the aid of defenceless Christian communities in Nigeria who are facing decimation by the Islamic fundamentalists as it is obvious the government can not help them.
“The killings in Christian communities in Southern Kaduna  remain an organised genocide that must be stopped. “, he fumed 
Njoku also expressed dissatisfaction over the just-concluded elections, dismissing them as a charade.
“Nigerian democracy has been raped and murdered. And if the bloody charade of February 23, 2019 is allowed to mature into a 4-year term of Presidency over Nigeria, then the Global Community has endorsed the rapid incubation of ISIS in the West African sub-region and the Indigenous Peoples of Nigeria have embraced servitude and bid farewell to the rule of law!”
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