December 7, 2023

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Panic in Abia over rumour of 300 human heads allegedly needed for political rituals 

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2019: Panic in Abia over rumour of 300 human heads allegedly needed for rituals
By Steve Oko
Palpable fear has gripped Abia residents over the rumour making the rounds that about 300 women heads or private parts are needed for sacrifice by politicians for electoral  victory at the polls.
Rumour mill has it that some political office seekers  from different parts of the country met recently at a shrine in one of the  South Western states where they were asked by the juju priest to bring 300 human heads for rituals.
According to the rumour, the said juju priest insisted that the human heads for sacrifice must be that of women.
The objects of sacrifice are to be brought ahead of the polls to facilitate the electoral victory of the affected candidates at the polls.
While the presidential and national assembly elections hold on February 16, governorship and state houses of assembly poll are slated for March 2nd.
Meanwhile, findings by Wawa News Global indicate that about two days ago since the rumour filtered into Umuahia, the Abia State capital, it has been spreading like wild fire.
Some women have resorted to spiritual help at theirs various churches while some consider other security measures.
Findings also revealed that some pastors in town have vowed not to allow their members fall victim of the evil machinations.
There are also fears those behind the evil plot may take advantage of tomorrow’s Valentine Day to hit their target.
Some greedy but unsuspecting girls may fall victim of the wicked plot.
But when contacted, the police said they were not aware of the rumour, dismissing it as the handiwork of mischief makers.
The Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO,  Geoffrey Ogbonna, said the intention of those peddling the rumour could be to instill fear in the populace to scare them from participating in the electoral processes.
Police said residents should ignore any rumour capable of making them stay away from the polls.
The PPRO, however, assured residents of the police preparedness to deal with any security issue in the state.
He also warned hoodlums to steer clear from Abia as they would be ruthlessly dealt with if apprehended .
Ogbonna urged members of the public not to hesitate to report and suspicions movement around their vicinity.
Meanwhile, there  have been  reported cases of ritual killings and disappearance of people in parts of the state, triggering suspicions that  ritualists are on the prowl again.
Just about two weeks ago, a pastor of the Assemblies of God Church was attacked in his home at Isuikwuato.
The attackers after critically wounding the man of God left him in the pool of his blood and abducted two of his daughters.
Lifeless bodies of the two girls were later found at the outskirts of the community with their private parts allegedly missing.
Although police had ruled out any link of ritual murder with the Isuikwuato incident which they said was a mere robbery case , there is apprehension in parts of the state that ritual  killers are on the rampage.
The whereabouts of another woman abducted on her way back to her Umuahia residence after a visit to the family at Isuikwuato remains unknown till date.
She had reportedly alighted at Club Road Umuahia and boarded tricycle to her residence at Aba Road before she was whisked to an unknown location from where she was allowed to contact the family.
After that only contact with the family through her phone where she narrated her ordeal, nothing has been heard of her since around August 2018 when  the incident occurred.
There are also cases of missing persons in the state some of which are announced on radio and television stations  in the state.
Similarly, there are pockets of reports about the new trend/ tactics  by kidnappers in the state.
Reports have it that the men of the under world now operate with tricycles (KEKE)  early in the morning and also late evening targeting their unsuspecting victims.
According to reports, the moment an innocent passenger boards the KEKE, the person is hypnotized and taken to an unknown location for either rituals or ransom is made.
A resident told our correspondent that somebody was abducted in their neighborhood recently at the wee hours of the morning.
His words :” My neighbour told me that they went for night prayer, and that when they dismissed around 5:00 am,  he wanted to go but another member of their fellowship persuaded him to stay until the day was fully dawn.
“He said they were there and  saw a KEKE that was coming close to a young man standing across the road. One of the  occupants of the KEKE jumped down and forced the man into the KEKE. And when boy  wanted to hesitate the man released a gunshot and pushed the boy into the KEKE and they sped off .
“The victim was only able to scream once before his voice went silent and it is only God that knows the fate of that boy today”.
Recently too, a senator was told during a prayer session that 17 elephants were sacrificed by his opponent to stop him in 2016 by-lection.
The sacrifice, according to the cleric was performed in a shrine in East Africa.
Steve Oko, Publisher/C.E.O, WaWa News Global. For more information on advert placement and news coverage, contact us on: 08038725600, or via email; Always read WaWa News Global - Your most dependable online news platform for the latest breaking news in Nigeria.
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