July 22, 2024

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Outrage as suspected PDP loyalists bar Moghalu from entering  Ariaria market Aba 

YPP governorship candidate in Abia, Joseph Nkoro

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Outrage as suspected PDP loyalists bar Moghalu from entering  Ariaria market Aba 

It  was a mild drama in Aba, the commercial nerve center of Abia State, as the campaign trail of the presidential candidate of the Young Progressives Party, YPP, Professor Kingsley Moghalu  was restricted from entering Ariaria international market.

Though no reasons were given for the action  , there were allegations that the act was orchestrated by the leadership of the market, which was alleged to be dominated by loyalists of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in the state.
Addressing Aba people in front of the closed gate of the Ariaria market, Prof. Moghalu wondered why he should be restricted from entering the market to speak to his people, as according to him, he is a full fledged Aba man, having lived and schooled in Aba in the 70s.
He described the act as a desperate action, insisting that, “we are in a democracy and we are not living in bondage”.
Moghalu described Aba as an Industrial Power, disclosing his readiness fix Aba so as to take the first position in the comity of industrialized nations.
Moghalu called on Aba people nay Igbos to wake up from slumber and liberate themselves politically in Nigeria and shun the second fiddle role they have taken for themselves.
“We should not be relegated to the Vice President position only. We should not be made to believe that it is not our turn to lead this country. Igbos are better equipped to lead Nigeria and election is a contest, whoever God gives a nod takes it”.
Moghalu said if given the mandate by the electorate, his administration would increase government spending on science, technology and innovation, as his government will make technology and innovation a strategic national priority.
The YPP Presidential candidate  also assured that he would protect the nation’s intellectual property to incentivise innovation.
He said he would commence and complete a constitutional restructuring of Nigeria along geopolitical lines in an arrangement that ensures that the federating units own any natural resources found within them and with regional and state police to ensure more effective national security.
He said his administration will invest in the creativity of the Nigerian youth by prioritising the National Policy of 2009 with particular emphasis on literacy and encouragement of youth participation in democratic processes at all levels.
To ensure that leadership in Nigeria is regenerative and intergenerational, Moghalu said he will encourage the participation of youth in democratic processes, politics and leadership.
The Aba North State House of Assembly candidate YPP candidate, Chiagozielam Ihuka, Barr. Mike Obi-Okezie candidate for Ikwuano/Umuahia federal constituency, Udo Okpere, deputy guber candidate and Joseph Nkoro, YPP Abia state governorship candidate attended the rally.
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