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BREAKING!!! see what happened to this ex-Biafra soldier after a prophetic prayer by the Assemblies of God GS, Rev Chidi Okorafor

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49 years after Nigeria civil war, ex-Biafra soldier miraculously survives bullet wound  near delicate organ

From Steve Oko, Umuahia
Worshippers at the Assemblies of God Church  5/7 Item Street Umuahia, Abia State,  were all startled, Sunday morning as one of their members,  Deacon Sunday Chimezie,  an ex-Biafra soldier testified of how God miraculously expelled a bullet from his body after 49 years.
Deacon Chimezie, a native of Amaegbuato Nkpa in Bend Local Government Area of Abia State  said he sustained  bullet wounds at Ore , Ondo State when their convoy which was heading to capture Lagos, the then Nigeria capital was ambushed by the Nigerian troops.
According to him , when their convoy ran into an ambush by the federal troops around 11:30 pm,  “bullets rained like rain ” and  shattered his left shoulder bone and stocked into the marrow.
One of the bullets he said , pierced his right thigh while another passed through  his upper hip and lodged near his lung.
He said many of the Biafran troops on the convoy lost their lives in the ambushment  but by providence,  he managed to escape to the nearby bush.
The ex-Biafra combatant said immediately he got to the bush half dead , he managed to stuff some green leaves into his mouth and promised God that he would serve him all the days of his life if he saved him from death.
” I was 19 years old when I erecruited into Biafran Army in 1967. I was trained in Awgu and deployed to Republic of Benin. We were among the troops that captured Warri and Benin under the command of Ifeajuna.
” We were on our way to capture Lagos as Ojukwu had commanded us that Lagos must fall within 24 hours.  We were at Ehoh in Ore when we were ambushed. I mirraculosly escaped into the bush  with bullet wounds.
” While in the bush, I chewed some leaves which I didn’t know their name and  I lost consciousness. Before then I had made a short prayer to God and vowed to worship him if he saved me. I only regained consciousness around 5:00 am when the morning dew touched me.
” I later crawled to one house in the nearby village around 6:00 pm. The family took pity on me but told me they had finished their dinner.
” They gave me garri soaked in water which I ate and they linked me with some Biafra soldiers in the area who took me to a Biafra camp in Benin where I was given First Aide But I  almost died after taking the garri because of the water which it was soaked . “
He said he was later moved to Agbo  for surgery but the doctors could not remove all the bullets in his body because some of them were in delicate organs.
” I was later taken to the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Enugu but when Enugu was about to fall I was moved to Aba where I was later discharged at the Ngwa High School not because I had fully recovered but because of the increasing number of wounded persons on admission “.
He said that after the civil war in 1970 he settled in Enugu to earn a living.
” While I was in Enugu,  one day a relation invited me to the Assemblies of God Church at 2A Udi Road Assata.
” While the pastor,  Rev.  Godwin Akwarandu was preaching,  he said that some people in the congregation , during the war,   promised God that they would serve him if he saved their lives.
“Immediately he said that I remembered my promise to God at the bush in Ore,  and I came to the altar and surrendered my life to Christ “.
He however,  noted that ever since then he had remained a dedicated  Christian and a committed  member of the church.
Continuing, he said the bullets which were lodged in his body had been a major discomfort to him with occasional severe pains.
He added that he had been to many hospitals including the Federal Medical Center Umuahia to remove the bullets but without success.
“At a point I started having movement of particles of the bullet all over my body because blood pushed the one inside my marrow into the body but doctors told me to live with it “.
The 68 -year -old father of four said he received his divine deliverance on January 1st, 2019 following “a prophetic declaration” by the General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God, the Rev. Chidi Okorafo.
Rev. Chidi Okorafor preaching at the retirement ceremony of Rev. P. K Emeaba at Aba

” I was at the Cross Over service on December 31, 2018 conducted by the GS at Old Umuahia where he asked everybody to write out five things one expects from God this year.
” After we had submitted our prayer requests, he prayed and declared that God would surprise us with miracles even outside our requests.
” He added that some people’s miracle would happen before Sunday (January 6) but instructed that the beneficiaries must endeavour to testify in their local church .
” So,  few hours after the Cross Over service,  I was in my house when I felt a scratch near my thigh and as I scratched it, behold the bullet particle which has been moving all over my body fell off “.
The ex-Biafra soldier who said he  retired in the Abia civil service in 2006  thanked God for his miraculous deliverance.
Lameting the ordeals of Abia pensioners following months of pension arrears the 68 year -old pleaded with the State Government to come to his rescue.
Chimezie who said he was being owed 25 months of pension arrears and gratuities said pensioners in the state “are surviving by God’s mercy “.
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