June 5, 2023

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BREAKING!!! ‘Jubril from Sudan’: Nnamdi kanu to make ‘mind-blowing, scientific, anatomical revelations’ tomorrow,  says IPOB 

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BREAKING!!! ‘Jubril from Sudan’: Nnamdi kanu to make ‘mind-blowing, scientific, anatomical revelations’ tomorrow,  says IPOB 
By Steve Oko
The Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) has hinted that the its Leader,  Nnamdi Kanu,  will tomorrow, ( December 8, 2018), make “mind-blowing scientific anatomical revelations” about the “impostor in Aso Rock”.
Kanu has since his re-appearance in Israel last month consistently maintained that “an impostor ” is running the affairs of Nigeria.
 President Muhammadu Buhari has however, debunked Kanu’s claims,  insisting he is real and not a ‘body double ‘.
According to a press statement issued by IPOB Media and Publicity Secretary,  Emma Powerful, Kanu would be on live broadcast Satury by 6:00pm local time. 
The live broadcast on Radio Biafra would be anchored in Israel according to the statement. 
Below is a full text of the press statement :
“Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will be delivering a special lecture via Radio Biafra live broadcast from the holy land of Israel on Saturday, December 08, 2018. Time: 6pm Biafra time.
“It is important you inform your friends and family to come on board because he will be making mindblowing and total revelations about what is coming before the end of 2018 following the statement by a president of Nigeria in far-away Poland.
“The civilized world and major players in the international community will be treated to mind blowing scientific anatomical revelations that will bring this matter to a swift end to prevent needless waste of scarce resources if electioneering when there will be no elections.
“The gravity of the fraud and rape of democracy in Nigeria as a result of these revelations will making voting virtually impossible since the masses will object to a non registered foreign national contesting as their president. “
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