May 28, 2023

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PDP behind ‘fake Buhari’ narrative  – BCO . Wants INEC to saction PDP over alleged hate speech, inciting statements 

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PDP behind ‘fake Buhari’ narrative  – BCO
. Wants INEC to saction PDP over alleged hate speech, inciting statements 
By Steve Oko 
As the news of “fake Buhari” continues to spread like wild fire, Buhari Campaign Organisation, BCO, has accused the main opposition Peoples Democratic Party,  PDP, of sponsoring the “unfounded rumour “.
This is as the Leader of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi kanu,  has vowed not to relent in “unmasking the impostor in Aso Rock “.
Kanu in his latest broadcast Saturday,  insisted that “the man in Aso Rock is fake and a double of the late Buhari “, who he claimed died and was buried in Saudi Arabia. 
 BCO,  in a statement it issued Sunday, described the viral reports that the ‘real’ President Muhammadu Buhari is long ‘dead’ and that the President in Aso Rock was Jibril El Sudan, as a tissue of lies from the pit of hell. 
According to BCO,  those behind the rumour are only out to blackmail the President by feeding the public with lies. 
The president’s support group, while reacting to reports counseled the opposition to dwell its campaigns on facts and realities on ground, rather than resorting to fiction. 
BCO in the statement signed by its Director of Communications and Strategic Planning, Mallam Gidado Ibrahim,  said PDP resorted to cheap blackmail against Buhari because it had no agenda to present to Nigerians during the campaigns for 2019 polls. 
The pro -Buhari group accused PDP of promoting fake news and hate speech,  and  called on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to sanction PDP for flouting the commission’s guidelines.
It  described the narrative as “evil, unpatriotic and satanic”.
” How can any right thinking person want to create the impression that a foreigner would be sneaked into the country to act as the president of Nigeria for quite a long time without the global intelligence community or the foreign media getting to know?
According to BCO,  PDP is only spreading fake news and making inciting remarks.
The statement read in part :“The same opposition elements who had prayed for President Muhammadu Buhari’s death while on medical vacation in London are at work again. 
“This narrative of a ‘fake Buhari’ in Aso Rock had been part of their strategy to cover up for their lack of a clear cut manifesto to engage the ruling party in constructive campaign for the 2019 general election. 
“These are people who have squandered the country’s resources without conscience before President Buhari came in to end their reign of massive looting. They had hoped that the president would not return alive from his medical vacation abroad, but were disappointed to see him back hale and hearty to execute the anti-corruption campaign more vigorously.
 “Now that the campaign season is here, the opposition has conscripted idle youths to take advantage of the social media and hoodwink gullible Nigerians into voting them back to power with fake news.
 “This is a mere figment of their own warped imagination. But their frustration is very clear; rather than staying alive to stop the looting regime that plundered our common patrimony with impunity, they would have loved to see President Buhari dead so that the ongoing efforts to recover their looted funds will be frustrated”. 
BCO wondered why people should believe the “fake Buhari narrative” when the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, who visited President Buhari in London while he was on medical vacation in that country visited Nigeria recently to see the president”.
“As a reverred man of God, the cleric wouldn’t have identified with Buhari if there was any thing questionable about the Nigerian president”, BCO argued. 
BCO advised PDP to look for better campaign issues instead of resorting to cheap blackmail. 
 “PDP and their spin doctors should come up with serious campaign issues. They should dwell on concrete facts instead of creating stories that can only be read on fictional novels. 
“President Buhari’s survival in London was God’s divine intervention and those who never wanted him to survive are enemies of Nigeria. 
“As the campaigns gather momentum, we urge well meaning Nigerians to remain steadfast and be rest assured that President Buhari will return in 2019 to continue the great work his administration is doing to revive our economy, the power sector, agriculture, roads and tackle corruption head on”.
BCO predicted landslide victory for Buhari in 2019 despite the ‘campaign of calumny ‘ against him.
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