May 28, 2023

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Tension in Nigeria over Nnamdi kanu’s ‘ unmasking the impostor in Aso Rock ‘saga, APC chieftain fires back, more Nigerians getting curious as national TV station discusses ‘fake Buhari ‘ on air

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‘Those peddling the fake Buhari narrative are evil, ungodly, despicable ‘ – APC chieftain 

By Steve Oko 

A chieftain of the ruling All Progressive Congress,  APC, in Rivers State,  Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze,   has lashed out on those behind the theory of an alleged double impersonating President Muhammadu Buhari. 

The APC stalwart and a die-hard supporter of Buhari described those peddling the narrative of ‘fake Buhari in Aso Rock  as “gullible mischief makers, who are being urged on by those who have prayed for President Muhammadu Buhari’s death”.

 Chief Eze who spoke via a press statement issued Thursday  in Port Hcourt , alleged that the peddlers were being sponsored by looters of the Nigerian economy who desperately want to return to power at all cost. 

He said their aim was to blackmail the ‘incorruptible Buhari ‘ by brainwashing gullible Nigerians into believing the man in charge of their affairs is fake.

His outburst is however coming on the heels of persistent revelations by the Leader of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra,  Nnamdi kanu that “the man parading as Nigeria’s President is an impostor “.

Kanu who is currently seeking refuge in Israel has through his weekly broadcast on Radio Biafra commenced what he called “unmasking the impostor in Aso Rock “.

The programme has caused serious tension in the polity as millions of Nigerians who hithertho dismissed the IPOB Leader as ” a mere attention seeker ” are now becoming curious over some vital issues raised by Kanu.

Even though the Presidency is yet to officially react to the challenges by Kanu on the authenticity of the “current Buhari “, some APC members are worried that the narrative if allowed to continue would deal a damaging blow to Buhari’s re-election bid.

According to Chief Eze  “the authors of the narrative had hoped that the president would not return alive from his prolonged sick leave abroad, but were shocked to see him back healthier and pushing the anti-corruption campaign more vigorously “.

He claimed that Buhari was healed miraculously through the prayers of some great men of God who visited him in London. 

 “These misguided fellows, who are products of the dismantled looting system that looted our common patrimony with impunity, would have loved to see President Buhari dead so that the efforts to recover their looted lot will be impossible, but unfortunately for them through the prayers of some innocent children of God that include the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby and Pastor Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, who visited him in London, and other religions leaders he survived to their uttermost shame and chagrin.”

“All those peddling this falsehood are despicable and doubters of the ability of God to heal”, Eze said,  adding that “they should take consolation in the words of Archbishop of Canterbury who later personally received the Nigerian president at Lambeth Palace, London stating that he was delighted to see the rapid recovery Mr. Buhari has made from his health challenges”.

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“That  was a testimony to the healing powers of God, and answer to prayers of millions of people round the world”, he said. 

He further said that “President Muhammadu Buhari who thanked Pastor Adeboye for visiting him saying on his twitter handle ‘thank Pastor Adeboye for visiting today, and for his prayers and good wishes”.  

Eze wondered how all the high ranking personalities including the Vice President,  Professor Yemi Osinbajo,  a pastor;  and Senate President,  Bukola Saraki,  Buhari’s political enemy couldn’t detect the ‘fake President”.

He said the peddlers of the narrative and their followers are “mischievous, unpatriotic, evil, demonic and unacceptable”, asking  “how could a foreigner, as claimed by these mischief makers, come in to act as the President of Nigeria without either the wife of the President or his children raising alarm over such an unislamic and unholy act? 

“How could he have known both the president’s home in Kastina, recognize all the political actors in Nigeria, including his ministers and governors?

“Proponents of this satanic game should understand that Nigerians are aware, wise people and not fools who will accept such a dubious and diversionary strategy”.

Eze,  therefore, urged Nigerians to ignore the narrative and re-elect Buhari in 2019 to carry on  “with all the great works his administration is doing to revive our economy, revival of the power sector, agriculture, roads and rail line and many others.

” Nigeria should be ready to ensure that he is reelected to avoid taking us back to the era of looting system of government associated with PDP leadership.” 

Wawa News Global recalls that Kanu’s damming revelations about what he termed “unmasking the impostor in Aso Rock ” has tremendously impacted on the political landscape of the country in the last one month.

He had during his weekly broadcasts which draw millions of listeners across the globe,  alleged that “the man in Aso Rock is not the original Buhari “.

Kanu claimed that the former Buhari died in London hospital and was buried in Saudi Arabia,  but the cabal in the presidency in collaboration with the Northern oligarchy hid it and arranged for a double,  ‘ one Jubril from Sudan ” to impersonate the late President.

Just yesterday,  a national television station owned by APC chieftain openly made “the fake Buhari narrative ” an issue for discussion with hundreds of curious  callers pouring out their feelings both for and against.

Bellow are some of the claims by Kanu during the live broadcast monitored by Wawa News Global :

“This issue of imposing a foreigner, a fraud and unelected pretender to preside over the fate of 180 million people is the greatest tragedy to befall Africa.

“This historic fraud was not perpetrated by Europeans but blacks themselves. They did it to cheat, pillage and loot the treasury dry.

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“They are using this joke from Sudan, that doesn’t even look like Buhari- who never address any live press conference or the country at large.

“A man who Aisha feels repulsed appearing beside. A man who claims to be Buhari but can’t speak Fulfude. A man who never meets the people. A man who suddenly doesn’t fall sick again or have the need to have a medical check up.

“This is a new brighter younger Buhari who doesn’t feel the need to be seen with his wife anymore or have his children operate from within Aso Rock as they once did.

“After this program tonight, anybody who goes on blaming white people for the poverty in Africa, should be hanged. We Africans are stupid beyond stupidity.

“When this shameful phase is over, Abba Kiyari will be one of the richest men in the world and Nigerians will carry on in their blissful ignorance as if nothing happened.

“Last week I issued a challenge to all Nigerians to demand that Jubril remove his cap is he’s confident the dead Buhari redirected in him. He refused.

“We know the original and now dead Buhari once wore a black suit with bow tie to show of his western orientation. Why can’t Jubril do the same thing to prove me wrong and end this scandal once and for all time.

“He won’t remove his cap because he is not Buhari. The world is a witness to this monumental fraud and deception but have chosen to keep silent.

“Luckily for us, Jubril cannot conceal his ear. No two ear lobes are the same. Go and check the ear lobe if your wife and children or even twins and tell me if they are the same.

“You will find out they are not. Photographs showing the late Buhari’s ear abound.

“I challenge anybody to compare the ear ofJubril and that of the dead Buhari and tell me they are the same. They are not and can never be because Jubril is not Buhari.

” He is a fraud manufactured for the purposes of maintaining stranglehold on power. They have an arrogant born to rule mentality. So they believe they can do anything and get away with it.

“President Trump even gave us a hint but we are too dumb to pick up on it. 
“Black Africans never fight evil. A dictator in Africa can rule to his heart’s content because he knows the masses will never rise up. 
“Slavery was ended by white people not blacks. Africa is littered with totalitarian regimes lording it over the masses still the majority of people at the receiving end of their savagery are paralysed with fear, ethnic bigotry and self hate. They are powerless”.
 Kanu had also made about 32 observations to support his claims that ” the man in Aso Rock is fake “.
See the observations below.
1. Buhari went for surgery in January.
2. The story was that he didn’t quite make it and
was brain-dead.
3. Aisha came back crying in April.
4. Aisha was later barred by Mamman Daura and
Abba Kyari from seeing Buhari.
5. In June/July, Buhari started receiving visitors
in London.
6. Story was that he was always laughing
(methinks his double was still learning the ropes
and was always laughing to hide what he didn’t
7. Buhari supposedly arrived Nigeria in July.
8. The Buhari wasn’t holding meetings or seen in
9. The Buhari became more vicious (even beyond
his own evil threshold).
10. Ango Abdulahi had earlier alleged he was a
double Buhari.
11. FFK had a private interview alleging it was a
double (buhari’s look-alike, Jubrin from Sudan)
masquerading as president buhari.
12. AIT was threatened with calamity should the
interview be aired.
13. The interview was docked and AIT paid.
14. Nnamdi Kanu alleged he was Jubrin, buhari’s
look-alike from Sudan and not Buhari.
15. The Army was sent to attack Nnamdi Kanu
and kidnap him.
16. The attack was most unwise and was too risky
to the country, yet it happened (the cabal wants
the story dead by whatever means).
17. The IPOB attack backfired.
18. The world powers commenced asking
19. The London surgeons are being questioned.
20. America, UK, France are smelling blood and
seek engagements.
21. Buhari or Jubrin/Cabal are vulnerable and
pull out of most global organizations.
22. The alleged double (buhari’s look-alike,
Jubrin from Sudan) doesn’t look up the few
times he’s in public.
23. The alleged double seems 15yrs younger.
24. The alleged double is somewhat shorter than
the twin.
25. The alleged double has a different earlobe.
26. The alleged double has a hairline a distance
away from the ears.
27. The alleged double is darker brown.
28. No one undergoing chemotherapy would have
facial hair intact at the time.
29. The new Buhari sees without glasses.
30. The new one has a different nose; beaked
like an Arab’s.
31. Remembered the Rat invested President’s office saga that made him stay away from his office ??…. It was all a cabal lie! The real reason was because the fingerprint of the new Buhari couldn’t open the door of the Real PMB !
32. Zahra complains to the minister and not her
32. The Army is suddenly very powerful and
extremely dumb!”
Steve Oko, Publisher/C.E.O, WaWa News Global. For more information on advert placement and news coverage, contact us on: 08038725600, or via email; Always read WaWa News Global - Your most dependable online news platform for the latest breaking news in Nigeria.

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