June 5, 2023

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2019: El-Rufai under fire for nominating fellow muslim as running mate

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2019 : El-Rufai under fire for picking fellow muslim as running mate
By Steve Oko
Gov. Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State has been lambasted  by a human rights activist,  Comrade Paul Njoku for nominating a fellow Muslim as his running mate for the 2019 poll.
Njoku said the action of the All Progressive Congress ( APC)  Governor had confirmed the fear of Christians that he is an unrepentant religious bigot.
The rightd activist wondered why El-Rufai would resort to such decision in a state like Kaduna where religion is a highly volatile.
He said the decision was a spite on non Muslims in Kaduna particularly the Christian – dominated Southern Kaduna people.
Njoku warned him to respect the religious plurality of Nigeria and give recognition to adherents of other faith.
His words :” I accept that it is the right of a people to choose for themselves whenever, whatever and whenever. But it is also the right of others especially allies to study what political choices such people make in order to agree to work with them.
“The decision to allow Governor El-Rufai of Kaduna State have his way in choosing a fellow Muslim as his Deputy for 2019 is a bad one.
“This decision explains why the Fulani dominated Northern Kaduna will always dominate and oppress the non-Fulani Southern Kaduna.”
Njoku dismissed as a lame excuse the reference to South West as justification for the ‘provocative ‘ action.
“The reference to the South West as the model that informed the decision is misplaced because issues of Kaduna and the South West are totally unlike one another.
” Tacquiya (Deceit) has again triumphed in Kaduna. All the gains that were made prior now in terms of political autonomy are bound to suffer serious reversals because of this decision.
The activist accused El-Rufai of pursuing a hidden agenda using his privileged position.
“The inevitable conclusion is that El-Rufai has other forms to pursue his destructive agenda of furthering the Islamist janjaweed and Salafist agenda in Kaduna State.”
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