July 22, 2024

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Thank you for restoring Iran’s sanctions, Israel tells Trump

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Thank you for restoring Iran’s sactions, Israel tells trump 
By Steve Oko
Isreal has applauded President Donald Trump of the United States of America,  for his courage to unilaterally restore sanctions against Iran over Tehran’s nuclear programme despite objections by many world powers
According to Israel the bold step by Trump to reverse the controversial deal superintended by ex-President Barack Obama which had  lifted sanctions against Iran, was a “wise thing to do “.

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu  thanked Trump for the sanctions against his country’s main enemy expected to take effect from today,  Monday November 5.

He said it would have tremendous effect on Iran’s nuclear capability and make Israel safer as ‘nuclear Iran ‘ poses great danger.

Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman also commended US for the sanctions.

He said the sanctions which target Iran’s oil and financial sectors, was a “critical” blow to Tehran’s actions in the region.

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“President (Donald) Trump’s bold decision is the sea-change the Middle East has been waiting for,” Lieberman said in a statement.

“In a single move, the United States is dealing a critical blow to Iran’s entrenchment in Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, Iraq and Yemen. President Trump, you’ve done it again! Thank you.”

The measures described by Washington as “the toughest sanctions ever” follow Trump’s controversial decision in May to abandon the multi-nation nuclear deal with Tehran.

They aim to significantly reduce Iran’s oil exports — which have already fallen by around one million barrels a day since May — and cut it off from international finance.

Israel had long opposed the Iran nuclear deal, saying it was too limited in scope and timeframe.

It also said the lifting of sanctions allowed Iran to finance militant groups and its own military activity.

Israel is particularly concerned with Iran’s involvement in neighbouring Syria and has pledged to keep it from entrenching itself militarily there.

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The other parties to the nuclear deal — Britain, France, Germany, China and Russia — opposed the US move and say the accord is working as intended in keeping Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons for now.

( With additional information from AFP)


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