June 5, 2023

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New minimum wage face-off : Join IPOB’s election boycott crusade for 2019, Nnamdi Kanu tells Nigeria workers

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New minimum wage face-off   : join IPOB for boycott of 2019 polls,  Nnamdi Kanu urges Nigerian workers

By Steve Oko

As Nigerian workers are set  to commence indefinite strike following the deadlock over the new minimum wage Leader of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra,  (IPOB)  Nnamdi Kanu, has called on the Nigerian workers to join forces with IPOB and boycott the 2019 polls.

Kanu who made the call in a live broadcast on Radio Biafra in Jerusalem,  said the only way labour could get the attention of government is to boycott the 2019 presidential election.

Nnamdi Kanu during a rally at Nri in 2017.

According to Kanu,  Nigerian leaders and the political class are so selfish and  insensitive about the plight of the masses that the only way to get their attention is to take any action that could jeopardise their political fortunes.

The IPOB leader who decried the poor condition of workers in Nigeria urged them to support IPOB in its call for a  total boycott of the polls to force Government bow to the will of the people.

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“Nigerian workers are on a minimum wage of 18,000 Naira per month which is roughly $48 equivalent. Recently they have been begging the government to increase it to 30, 000 Naira about $85 per month.

” So far the government has refused. This demand can be met with minimal fuss before presidential elections of next year if the workers remain resolute and determined not to vote.

“We call on all labour unions in Nigeria to join IPOB in election boycott campaign.

“People must ignore the scare mongering tactics of government sponsored faceless hungry groups asking you to vote.

” You have been voting since 1953, what tangible result has come from it? They want you to keep voting so they keep recycling their criminal selves in office.

“The only power you have to effect a long lasting change in your hopeless miserable existence in Nigeria comes up once every four years and this time around, a boycott of presidential elections is all it would take to usher in long lasting change that will benefit everybody.

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“Civil disobedience is a potent weapon that wise people use to extract concessions from their government. “

Kanu further argued that if the masses could be united and persistent in their demand for change and good governance Nigeria,  would at least restructure before December.

“If all those clamoring for devolution and restructuring were sincere, they would come out openly to support the IPOB no vote campaign because if they do, the Fulani caretakers of Nigeria will restructure Nigeria before December 31, 2018.

“But the criminals you call politicians and leaders of thought, from top to bottom, do not care about you.

They know how you think. They know out of stupidity and desperation to collect N4000 to solve your immediate family needs, like feeding, you will go out next February to vote thereby renewing your bondage in Nigeria for another 4 years.

“They think or should I say know that most people are poor, desperate and hungry people without dignity or shame. They know you will all forget about Buhari’s disregard for the rule of law, intimidation of judges, lack of restructuring, Nimbo massacre, Agatu, Southern Kaduna, countless massacres of Tiv people in Benue once you see some Naira notes.

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“They know you will keep voting as long as they sprinkle a few Naira notes in your sad faces.

” Our collective stupidity at voting these charlatans into power every four years is the reaso they take us for granted. There is only one way to wrestle power back from them without bloodshed- simply sit-at-home on the day of presidential elections in 2019 and Nigeria will change for the better.”


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