December 7, 2023

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EXCLUSIVE!!! Abia 2019: I’m God ‘s candidate on rescue mission – Uche Ogah, reveals how to dismantle PDP

Dr. Uche Ogah

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 A frontline governorship aspirant of the All Progressive Congress in Abia State, and an oil baron,  Dr.  Uche Ogah, spoke exclusively with Wawa News Global on why he decided to pursue his ambition on the platform of APC after an unsuccessful attempt in 2015 under the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
He also hinted on his agenda for the state if given the opportunity while baring his mind on Abia charter of equity.  The Masters Energy Chief Executive Officer also spoke on how he intends to crush PDP if he secures APC ticket in 2019 , plus other issues.  Steve Oko reports .Enjoy it….
Dr. Uche Ogah
Some people are still at a loss on why you of all people will consider the All Progressive Congress ( APC) as a platform to seek the actualisation of your governorship ambition knowing that APC is not too popular in South East?
APC for now is the best credible alternative for Ndigbo. What we need is a mainstream political platform that we can use to wrest power from the cabal holding Abia to ransom. We need a stronger party that can help us crush their power of incumbency so that they will not as usual, use the apparatus of State  at their disposal to manipulate the outcome of the election and subvert the will of the people. We want Abia votes to count in 2019. We want the choice of the people to be respected. And APC is the platform that has the capacity to protect their votes to avoid the ugly experience of 2015 where the people’s will  was subverted in a broad day light.
I am in APC to bring the needed change to Abia State. I have a mission and that mission is to bring smiles on the faces of Abians, to restore hope to Abians and to make Abia  residents rejoice again. My mission is to put Abia on the path of greatness and make it a truly God’s Own State and the number one state it is meant to be. I am too passionate about my mission and vision that my party affiliation is insignificant because no party can stop me from actualising my divine mandate if I am elected into office.  Abians should stop their misconception about APC. Ours is a peculiar case and we need to rescue our state first. We need a stronger party like APC to do that successfully. Besides APC is not a bad  party contrary to the perception of some people.  If I am given the opportunity I will not fail Abians irrespective of my political party.
How confident are you that if eventually you secure the APC ticket that you will be able to crush the enormous powers of the ruling PDP in the state ?
You know that currently Abians are yearning for a change. They are not even bothered about  the party; their interest is the candidature. Once they have a good candidate that they believe in, I can tell you, they will surely cue behind him.
Can you do a little scratch of your manifesto and economic blueprint assuming you scale through?
I believe that once I win the election, we will create a good framework for Abia to stand on; a foundation where we will  have a lasting legacy, integrity , honesty and good governance.
Uche Ogah declares for governorship at APC office Umuahia
Don’t you think that the Abia charter of equity will hurt your ambition in 2019 as your zone Abia North has taken its fair share in the power equation of the state? Power has resided in both  Abia North and Abia Central zones for  eight years each, and equity demands that Abia South which will be completing its first tenure of four years in 2019 be allowed to also take a second tenure before power shifts to another zone.
For me I am not coming from the divide of zoning. I man coming under divine mandate. I am God’s candidate coming to govern His people not minding the zone.  Zoning is out of it for now because we need to rescue Abia first. If there is no Abia nobody will be talking about zoning. There must be Abia first before you talk of zoning. Abia is bleeding to death and has to be resuscitated first.
Uche Ogah at Camp Neya Igbere
However, when you talk about charter of equity, Abia is established on a tripod made up of Umuahia zone, Aba zone and Isuikwuato district. I don’t want to get into talks about zoning. What we are saying is that we need to join hands to deliver Abia from destruction, waste, misrule and stagnation.
If there is anyone that is disadvantaged in Abia charter of equity it is Isiukwuato district which includes Umunneochi. No Isuikwuato person has ever been a Deputy Governor. No Isuikwuato person has ever been a Speaker. No Isuikwuato person has ever been a Secretary to the State Government or Head of Service, or Chief Judge or Attorney General, or Chairman Local Government Service Commission or occupied any key position in Abia State Government.
Yet the people that brought Abia State were Isuikwuato sons. The General Ike Nwachukwus, Navy Admiral Ndubuisi Kanus, the General Kajas etc. As members of the then Supreme Military Council, they made the creation of Abia State possible. What have we benefited from Abia ever since them? But that is not the issue for now because we must put Abia first as a people.
Maybe people forget history in a hurry. When Orji Uzor Kalu from  Abia North did one tenure, aspirants from other zones also contested against him.  The same thing happened when Thoeodore Orji  from Abia Central finished his first tenure. Many people from Abia South including Chris Akomas and Paul Ikonne contested against him. So,  at every time aspirants from other zones have also contested.
Dr. Uche Ogah
For me I don’t believe in zoning. Zoning has kept us where we are today. Zoning has made us undeveloped after 20 years. Other states in the South East are streets ahead of us today. There is nothing we can boast of in Abia State today. So, I believe if we can all work together, shun zoning, bring out our best , change the focus of Abia, lay the necessary foundations for growth and development, then we can come back and talk about zoning. Lets us establish the basic foundational principles that will help Abia be on the path of greatness. Then we can go on with zoning. We can’t talk about zoning when there is nothing on ground.
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